Let's take a vote, shall we?

Once upon a time my sweet, sweet husband bought me a suicidal fish, Porto. (I'm still changing "bowel"s to "bowl"s on that post!)  Remember him? Remember how sweet that gift was until he took the plunge from his fish bowl to our dining room floor? Ya.

Now, we have the empty fish bowl, with the shiny black marbles at the bottom, just sitting here in our house, reminding us of our dead fish.
I think it's about time we find a Porto Dos. But why settle for a boring old gold fish when Qingdao markets & Chinese men trying to make a buck, have so much more to offer?!

So, let's have a vote, shall we? Get excited because YOU get to help decide what lucky amphibian/invertebrate/theskysthelimit will join the Mosby's.

The candidates (or possible Pets in China):

1. A Fish. Classic and low maintenance. But come on, boring, shmoring. (After the first one, which I loved Zachary, really, I loved it!) And besides, how could we just replace Porto like that so soon? It's insensitive really.

2. 2 Twin Jelly Fish. Or maybe girl and boy, non related, jelly fish, which brings the possibility of jelly fish babies, which would be super cool. We could make a few bucks off each one, too, even better.  We could probably even brand them as American Jelly Fish. Perfect!
The only thing is, I don't really know the first thing about having a pet jelly fish. And man, a fish is a boring pet, as in you can't really pet it or build a relationship with it, but what about a jelly fish?! At least I could put my finger in and let Porto nip it. I don't know but I'm just gonna guess that's not really a possibility with a jelly fish. Like they sting. Right?!  Also, salt water?! How the heck do you do that in a fish bowl? Just sprinkle some sea salt in? Will MSG work? (Because that's the cheapest and most common thing here. ;) Just sayin',) If you vote for a jelly fish, much research will be needed. But don't worry, I love google.

3. A Newt. A Chinese fire bellied newt to be exact. I happen to have some experience with these guys. My brother grew up obsessed with reptiles and amphibians and my dad was sure to fill our house with them. So, I mean... I'm pretty much an expert. Actually, I've always really loved newts. They're like little puppies. Little amphibian puppies. They have rounded faces and fingers. It's cute guys. Really.

4. A tiny turtle. It's pretty lame to have a baby turtle if you're going for the exotic feel. Unless it's a sea turtle, in which case that's awesome. Knowing China I could probably find one, too. But for now let's just stick to the basic turtle. Turtles can be fun, despite their non exoticness, right? You can take them out of the bowl and watch them walk around and that's a little interesting. Kind of. Okay. Turtles are lame. But if you vote for it, I'll get it!
5. A seahorse. Ya. That's right, I saved the best for last. Can you imagine having a sea horse as a pet?! How cool is that? But again, I have no idea what to do with a sea horse. Salt water? Obviously...right? And, what do they eat? Maybe I could get a boy and girl and then the daddy seahorse could have babies! That would be cool, mainly because then there would be a pregnant male in our house... which is weird now that I type it. Why would I want that? It's exotic. That's why. But for the record, a pregnant male seahorse is the only pregnant male I want in our house. Don't worry Z. I'm not wishing weird things on you.. we've got enough hormones & cravings going on in our house. And we need you to be the stable one Z.

So, what do you think friends?

A boring ole' fish, Electrifying (harharhar) jelly fish, A Red Breasted Newt, An Itty Bitty Turtle or a Knocked Up Boy Sea horse?! 

It's up to you Readers!!! And Zachary's approval, of course. Which makes me realize I should probably have asked him if all the pets above are cool. Nah. They're cool. Remember he has that Bob Marley attitude lately. So it's alllll goooood.


rachel said...

A betta fish. A beautiful and fun fish to watch and they can live in a fish bowl....Love you, Grandma

Beka said...

I vote for the twin jelly fishes and a sea horse! You might have to get an extra bowl but then they can be neighbors.

Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

Okay as cool as I think jelly fish and sea horses are...I have never thought something like that should be a pet. Coolness but wrong on a weird level and I read up on keeping a seahorse as a pet and it is not a simple task. Honestly I think a newt would rock. It is gorgeous for one and probably not too hard to find out how to care for. I love turtles, but I am stuck on turtles that we have in Arizona that you literally have to put in your will because they will outlive you and probably your kids too. Do the little ones live as long? So I vote newt. Either way I am sure it will be loved. :)

shelly said...

Newts have Toxins that secret off their skin so you can handle them.
I vote the turtle which you can handle you just have to wash your hands after! My real vote is the sea horse but I don't know if they could live in a fish bowl. Also I think you would have to get two so it wouldn't be lonely.
Love you,

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