Currently at The Mosby's

Reading: A Time to Embrace by Karen Kingsbury. It's so good guys. I never thought I'd be into reading "those" kind of books, you know the Christian fiction novels, but I'm in to it. I love them lately. They're so encouraging. Reading Matthew. Always loving the words of Jesus.

Watching: Just finished watching all of the seasons of Duck Dynasty. Loooooove it. Can't wait until the next season comes out! And Everwood. Did any one every watch that show? Its pretty good.

Listening: Shawn McDonald & Nora Jones Pandora stations.

Wearing: A new white, woven shirt & my fedora. Always the fedora.

Thankful: So, so thankful for friends and family at home, new friends here, summer vacation, a good doctor, God's grace and goodness towards us, Zachary getting an assistant at work, provision, apples and peanut butter, flowers from Z, my best friends baby coming soon!

Praying: Praying for God's healing hand on my heart & my mother. Praying for God to give us wisdom in our finances.

Drinking: Cold drinks! Like cold lemon and ginger tea, cold green juices & strawberry banana smoothies! Yum.

Eating: Refreshing salads like the pecan crusted chicken salad I had today. Scrumptious!

Looking forward to: School starting, decorating my classroom & the return of a schedule

Dreading: School starting & the return of a schedule. ;) Vacation is just so darn good.

Dreaming: of Italy

Reading: Just finished Pagan Christianity & Red Letter Revolution, Scripture and the Authority of God by M.T. Wright. Reading Hebrews. 

Watching: Everwood. Watched Oblivion the other day, too.

Listening: Pandora, no station in particular.

Wearing: Clothes. har har har. Khaki shorts for the summer.

Thankful: My wife, my dad's surgery going well, vacation, time to read, money for seminary 

Praying: For money to buy a computer, that I'd be a humble leader in my new position and that I'd relax & give all my anxiety to Jesus. 

Drinking: Lots of iced coffee. It's so hot out!

Eating: Everything... bloated.

Looking forward to: the start of seminary and working through my thoughts

Dreading: nothing. Stress. I hate being stressed. 

Dreaming: of a time when I can just love and serve people all day and not work 

What's the 'currently' in your life? 
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Carolyn said...

Loved hearing what you two are up to. Karen Kingsbury weaves so much scripture and Biblical truth into her fiction and the people and stories seem to come alive. I have many of her books and several complete series. Will send or mail to you if you want. Praying for you, Zachary and your new school year. Congrats to Zachary on his new position.

Laura said...

Love this list. Also when I first opened your blog I thought the picture of you was me!! I've never thought we looked alike before but wow in that picture we do!

April Robert said...

I am glad to hear your liking the second book. You will enjoy the first one just as much.

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