Pie Parties & Husband Bakers

Is it weird I haven't been "into" blogging lately? It seems weird to me. Especially since it seems like all the bloggers I love to read around me are popping out new, amazing, inspiring posts left and right. But alas, I guess I've just been lazy. What can I say, I'm finally on summer vacation!

Zachary has been reminding us of that the last 24 hours. It's been a Bob Marley kind of week. The "Don't worry, Be happy" part not the smoking lots of weed part. Although we did smoke hookah last night, which was fabulous, until some weird Chinese guy came to our table and told us how much he loved Mexico and did not like America. That wasn't so fabulous. But the coconut hookah was mighty fine.

Anyways, here I am. Rambling. Maybe this is why I haven't been blogging. Because really I'd probably push that "new post" button and start writing ridiculousness. Okay. That's not why. It's the lazy thing really.

To the point of this post, to catch you up friends/family.

Today Zachary & his student, Ji (prounounced Gee. Like 'what up G-dog?!') made an organic blueberry pie and a gluten free peach cobbler. Fancy, I know. And they were completely from scratch because my husband is a pie and cobbler King.

Since before we got married I've heard a many times about Zachary's pies, but had yet to taste one, till today. I was quite pleased with my little baker. He was so cute with flour on his nose when I came out. Precious people. Just precious. Everything was delicious.
We had friends over for a "Pie Party." Which is basically just friends coming over to eat what you just made so you don't eat hundreds of calories in pie and cobbler every day for the next week. It's a glutton management type party. Sort of like AA but for pies and the prevention of over eating too much pie.

We felt very sophisticated eating our pies, playing cards & drinking fresh coffee.
The rest of Z and I's day will entail a long nap from the pie/sugar overdose we got from our crazy pie party. So, I guess we should get on to that.

Love you friends!
I'll be back tomorrow, promise. Unless I'm too lazy, than I'll just see you Friday... or Monday. Who knows!? "Don't worry, Be happy!"
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