Baby It's Cold Outside

Ladies and Gents, 
We are officially bundled up in Qingdao. 
It's in the 30's now with a high of 55 for the next few weeks. 
I think we've officially entered into the winter season.
Our floor heating was turned on this week, too! 
Man, it feels like ages ago when we were huddled up in our Dongying, ice box apartment, with no heating!! 
So thankful to have it this year!
Texas people. You don't know what your missing!! Floor heating is the best! 
(Of course, you don't really need it in Texas.) 

I especially like this Christmas picture from Starbucks Christmas deco' this year. 
I know she's probably iceskating but to me it looks like she's giving praise! 
And reminds me to be joyful.:)

Fall was short, but that's okay, because Starbucks has the red cups out (Don't you love their theme this year?!) and the Christmas music playing!
It's only fitting that it be freezing cold outside. 
I'm loving it. 
My wild crazy hair seems to feel most at home under big beanies and clinging to huge scarves. 
And I'm pretty sure my hot, hot Husband was made to wear all these snuggly sweaters. 
Because I love the look on him & he loves to feel cozy.

Overall, It's no secret, I've said it before, I love the cold! 
And dressing for it. 

There's not much in the Tuesday Tidbits department. 

We've been camera less, due to a dead battery and laziness, the whole week.

We've been resting & recovering from all my heart stuff. 
Speaking of which, I'm fine. 
Everything is okay. 
I have a stess-induced premature beat. But it's nothing serious {though that is spiritually serious--yuck}. No real arrythmia. 
So, just another reminder from the Lord & my bod, 
that I need to work on resting, seeking His peace and having Sabbaths. 

We got new traveler coffee mugs! That's always exciting for some reason. :) 
Our sweet friend Kate brought us dinner this past week, since I wasn't feeling well. 
So, thoughtful. :) It was a delicious pot roast! So good in fact, I'm trying to recreate it for tonight! 
Our neighbor, Jenny, brought us soup last night, too. 
So thankful to have such good, caring friends here. The Lord is so good. 
Caught her mid-wave. 

 Miss you all at home.
Wish you were here! 
We would make you a cup of cocoa and invite you to watch 
The Office on our couch, if you were.
Love you guys!


Ruthie Hart said...

brrrr it is cold here too!! I want to make a pot roast!

TheTinyHeart said...

You look adorable all bundled up in your coat! Floor heating sounds pretty awesome for the winter.

The Tiny Heart

Catherine said...

Cold week here in Texas too, but nothing like I remember from Dongying ;)

Glad to hear that the heating is on!!!

shelly said...

Love you and miss you soooo much! Wish I could drink that hot chocolate and watch the office with you! Love your picture!! Love you

Nicole said...

its post like these that make me glad i live in AZ!

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