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Today, I am so excited for you guys to read this awesome post by Stephanie from A Geek in Glasses. 
She's awesome, ya'll! 
And it sounds like her daughter is just as awesome, from the post below! 
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Hi, I'm Stephanie from A Geek In Glasses
I'm super excited that Heather invited me to guest post over here at The Mosbys In China.
We went shopping on Black Friday, it's what we do. We don't go at dawn and we don't have any real must have items, it's just a fun day of shopping and hanging out. This year my 4 year old daughter made a list of people that she needed to buy gifts for. She got out her money, counted her stash and ended up with about $50. That's money she gets from doing chores, Birthdays, Holidays and found money. 
(That kid finds money all over the place.) 

I was surprised at her abundance of cash and the fact that she was willing to spend it all on others, so my Husband and I matched her $1 to $1. For every dollar she spent of hers we would match it, so if an item cost $2 one would be hers and one would come from us. We thought this would stretch her dollars to cover the list and was a reward for being so willing to give to others.
We ventured all over from department stores, to craft stores to the mall and ended at a couple thrift shops. She scored this pile of items all for $60. So she only spent $30 of her money and we matched her.  
It didn't matter what store we were at, everything was up for gifting - new or used.  It was also refreshing that brand names didn't influence her. I love how she has a person in mind and just finds the perfect item. 

One of the items that she purchased was a card of "Pandora" type beads at the craft store. My mother has a charm bracelet and most of the time we pick up beads for it at Kohls but this year there were no winners there. My little one was so excited that we can pick up 9 charms for only $3.99 and they look just like the ones over at the Department store where the cost is, of course, much more. My mom will not care and these beads look just as good, making a happy little gifter. 
Another score was the mini metal pedal car. My father is a big car guy and my daughter always is looking for some kind of car related item for him. I'm not sure about the real cost of this car, it's a min metal Hot Rod pedal car with rolling wheels. I'm sure it's not a cheap item but the Tiny One picked this up at the thrift shop for $2.99. It doesn't matter to her that it's second hand or used and it's such a unique item that my father will love it. 
Then there is the handmade ornament.  We made salt dough ornaments and mixed in glitter to make the snow flakes. The ornament cost pennies and she loves it just as much as the bought items. 
Do you want to know what else is on that pile? There is: A Garden Flag (5.59), Candies Head Band ($6), 2 Pairs of Texting Gloves( 1.50 each!) , Bow Tie($15.) , Box of 4 Dog Toys ($9), Stocking full of Cat Toys($3), Catnip Bubbles($3.50) , Cat Ornament($3) , Bongo Bracelet( $3), Mini Pedal Car($2.99), Faux Pandora Beads ($3.99) and the Handmade Ornaments.
In the end, the items made and purchased are some of the best gifts I think the people on her list will get. My daughter is a thrifty shopper that doesn't let marketing and brand snobbery influence her awesome gift giving. 

Now that she has covered her main list she has added Toys for Tots to her list to buy for, I love this kid.
Have fun shopping and Happy Holidays.  

P.S. It was the bow tie that sucked the funds, but my Husband is really into them and they are hard to come by.  The original cost was $32!!! and my daughter picked it up for $15, pretty good deal - plus it's for Dad.

Isn't that precious!? So sweet!  
I hope our future children have as sweet of heart's as Stephanie's!
Want to check our more of Stephanie's awesome stories?? 


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