Brothas' from the same Motha'

Happy Birthday Brothers!!
Cool fact about my brothers, they have the same birthday but are 4 years apart! November 7th.
I can still remember the day Jacob was born, we were at the hospital, on Justin's birthday, playing with our blue jean bags that my mom had painted with our names and ironed on fun pictures and filled with toys, candy, coloring books, and lots of love. They were our special presents for having a baby brother! 
My mom had Jacob, but had to stay at the hospital, so we all went to Golden Corral, a buffet in Austin, I was super excited because I used to love buffets, all the food you want?! What?!?,  and celebrated Justin's birthday. I love my brothers. Not to sound partial, but they are seriously the best brothers in the world!
Justin is turning 22 this year and is currently living in Salt Lake City. He's interning per say, for a window washing company. The owner is teaching Justin all the inns and outs of the biz, so that when Justin leaves, he would be fully capable and educated on opening his own window washing business. He's also working security for Ebay! What. What. I'm so happy for him. Growing up I so admired Justin's unique spirit. I used to say there wasn't a mean bone in his body. He was so gentle and kind but not in a girly way. He loved collecting bugs, frogs, and reptiles. He loved art. He was always more reserved and an internal processor, so different from me, the extremely loud external processor, I admired that about him. Now, Justin still has a sweet spirit. He stopped collecting bugs and frogs but now collects thoughts. He's a thinker. He loves to think about life and theories and things much deeper than the average 22 year old. He's amazing.
My favorite memory with Justin: There's so many. I just love being with Justin. He's one of my favorite people to go out to eat, coffee or hookah with. But my favorite childhood memory with him has to be riding four wheelers together at my Papa's house, collecting cicada shells and lizards.
Jacob is turning 18. Crazy! For years, I still haven't grasped that he's a young man now! I still think of him as my little brother, though he's far from little. Jacob is about 6 foot and could take 3 guys out by his sheer force. He's on the wrestling team and knows how to do it! He's doing great so far, in his last year of high school! Growing up Jacob was a hell raiser and still is. He's so clever and always coming up with schemes none of us would ever think of. He has a natural money making gift. Whether that's taking it from Justin's room, selling the free garage sale stuff our neighbors gave him to other neighbors,  selling sticks of gum at school for 25 cents, or now selling/trading up speakers and trucks, for the next thing on his list, he knows how to get money. Growing up, he was always mischievous. He would sneak out of his window at 3 and climb on to the top of the van or pour soft soap, with the picture of fish on it, into the fish tank filled with my dad's exotic fish. He loved to greet my middle school boyfriends with a "magic trick" which involved him pulling their finger apart as hard as he could. He's not so mischievous anymore but still just as clever. Jacob loves sports, music, hunting, boating and being a man's man. He's an awesome brother and full of life. He has a sweet heart and loves to laugh. His smile and laugh bring such joy to me.
My favorite memory of Jacob: Of course, there are too many! I love spending time with him and getting to know the man he's growing into. My favorite childhood memory would have to be going exploring & getting lost in the woods together at my Papas house and playing in the huge fort my dad made us in the backyard.
And now for many pictures of my brothers to celebrate their creation! :)
Wasn't he adorable?!
Ya. They're awesome! 

Happy Birthday Boys!
I love you both and miss you like crazy!

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TheTinyHeart said...

Happy birthday to your brothers! That's pretty neat that they were born on the same day, different year.

The Tiny Heart

Helene said...

That is soo cool! Happy birthday!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Brothers!

Cute blog post :)

Jo Lane said...

That is so cute they have the same birthday! Following you from the Blog Hop...follow me maybe? :)


Carolyn said...

Yes, your brothers are so special and unique and loved! So proud of the men they are becoming and pray that they will become all that they are meant to be. You Harley and now little Sophie....well, it's the same for you three. As with Justin and Jacob, you are loved and prayed for more than you'll ever know. Each of you hold an extremely special place in my heart and always will. Love and miss you very much, sweet Heather!

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