Our New Wheels

First post from China! Holllla!
Check out our new wheels! Our bikes have been a real blessing.

Heather and I were like kids again going to pick out our new bikes. We have really enjoyed riding them everywhere aaaannndd they come with baskets.Very convenient. 

On our way home from the bike store, I bent both of my pedals and ran into a concrete bench. But in my defense it was not because I was a bad driver but because I could not pedal the bike. 

(A note from Heather: Actually, on the way home Zachary was trying to stand up on his pedals, you know how we did as kids, and now being a 25 year old, 6'2" man, they bent! Also, a few days later, Zachary was riding in front of me and started driving like a drunk driver, I said, "Zachary! What are you doing?!" He looked back aghast, in utter disbelief, and yelled, "My handlebars are bent!" Sure enough, they were, a screw had come loose on his handlebars, making his handlebars very crooked and his attempt to drive like a sane person, utterly useless!) 

Overall, the bikes have been great to have. We have loved commuting to work on them and feeling the wind in our faces. It often has prompted us to singing! 

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