Beijing-The Regent Hotel

Since we worked ridiculously hard in Korea, without vacation, we decided it was one of our top priorities to get to Beijing and relax in a 5 star hotel. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that?!
As soon as we got to China, we searched out a dog hotel, found one right in front of our school, and headed to Beijing! 
There is a bus station in our city, that conveniently has buses to most everywhere. 
Our tickets were 130 yuan, which is about $21 each, for a 5 hour journey to Beijing.

We booked the Regent Hotel on Expedia for $140 a night for 3 nights, with my mother's encouragement. Seemed like a good deal coming from Korea where 5 star hotels are anywhere from $400-1200 a night. And let me tell you it  was so worth it!

We loved our time there! It was amazing! We didn't want to leave the hotel! It was pristine and beautiful. 
All the service was amazing and everyone was so helpful. 
The Regent
For an extra $30 a night you can upgrade your room to the Club Experience package, which gets you access to the Club Lounge on the 17th floor, oh ya :), which has a delicious breakfast buffet every morning, and a happy hour buffet, of amazing hors d'oeuvres, and unlimited bar, from 6pm-8pm.

The club experience also included an aromatherapy bath drawn by the butler each night. Ahhh. Amazing. :)

So, we lived it up in Beijing at the Regent. We enjoyed all the buffets, ordered room service, champagne, went to the spa and just relaxed.
Oh, and we did some other touristy stuff, too. But we'll post on that later. :)
Entry way to our room.
This bed was so comfortable! There was a pillow menu to choose the perfect pillow. 
Huge breakfast buffet.
VIew from our room or the busy city traffic.
Our waiter, David, that served us delicious champagne, guacamole and fries!

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