We had a great time in Beijing! We ate delicious food, stayed at an awesome hotel and did a few touristy things. 
We took a Tuk Tuk ride (a ride on the back of a bike type thing) because our hotel was only a mile or two down the street from where we were. We thought we were going straight to our hotel, but it turns up we somehow got on a night tour of the city Tuk Tuk ride. We were freaked out the whole time, confused about why our 2 minute ride home, was taking an hour, so I didn't get any pictures. When he stopped he said it was 400 yuan! I was so freaked out (I thought we were being kidnapped or something!) and so ready to get off the thing, I just told Zachary to pay it!
We found a famous Beijing Duck Restaurant across the street from our hotel. It was full of foreigners, everyone eager to taste Beijing's famous roast duck.
It was delicious! They carve the duck right at your table and give you small tortilla type things, with veggies, to wrap it in. 
I had to have my Starbucks! Especially because there aren't any in Dongying, or any true coffee shops for that matter. Don't worry though, we bout 5 bags and a french press, so we'll be set for a month, or two! :)
We checked out the famous Pearl Market, where you buy tons of designer knock offs and real pearls.
Lots of foreigners were there, haggling for the best price, a must in China.
You can also buy tons of silk at the Pearl Market.
And lots of Chinese souvenirs. 
We decided to take this little thing home. But we learned our lesson! Agree on a price before hand! 
The things was so tiny! We squeezed into the back.
Electric bus.
We had Subway at the Beijing Bus Station.

We also went to the Beijing acrobats which was lots of fun! We highly recommend it! 

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