Beijing-Temple of Heaven

We had a great time at the Temple of Heaven Park. The scenery was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the park was filled with families and friends, walking, playing and enjoying the day. 

The park is 267 hectares (whatever that is), and holds the Temple of Heaven, an example of Ming architecture. 

"It originally functioned as a vast stage for solemn rites performed by the Son of Heaven, who came here to pray for good harvests, seek divine clearance and atone for the sins of the people. The temple halls, are round and the bases are square, deriving from the ancient Chinese belief that heaven is round and earth is square." 
-Lonely Planet, China 2005 edition. 
People are serious about their card games here. 
View through the park to the Temple of Heaven.

The sky could not have ben more perfect this day. Thank you Lord!
Koreans! They surrounded me and asked me tons of questions in Korean. I couldn't say anything, since we never learned Korean! All I could think of was Chinese!
Seriously, the sky, gorgeous!
People were standing around this very old tree with their hands out towards it. I'm not sure why. Maybe trying to get "energy" from it?

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