Around Dongying

Pictures of the courtyard at school. The hall way behind the sculpture is where all the other foreign teachers live.
Inside our favorite mom and pop restaurant.
A bike that sells pets!
The square in West Dongying.
Dongying has it's own space needle. It's our reference point to our school and apartment, which are near the tower.
Would you like a caged grasshopper?
Tons of ice cream bars to choose from on a hot day!
The pet and plant market.
Fish and bamboo.
They are sooooo noisy!
What's a pet market without loose chickens?
Tons of dogs for sale. You can buy them full grown.
Tons of little puppies! I always try to give them some love! Don't worry, I wash my hands later....mom. :) These little guys reminded me of Chara when she was their age. 
Kites! People love flying kites in China. We have seen the coolest kites here. At night people even fly lit up kites.
We rarely see dogs on leashes here. Crazy Chara is the only one on a leash.
The dogs just walk along side their owners. 
And wander around playing with other dogs, like these two.
Loose leaf tea.
Teacher's Day! Our school had a big assembly and a lunch.
My Co-Teacher, Dorris.
Our school's headmaster and vice headmaster. Mr. Leo annnnnd Mr. Leo. :) They took us out to dinner our first night in Dongying.
Two of our coworkers, Josh and Matt.
The guys holding their Teacher's Day roses. We also got a huge box of Asain pears. 
You know you will loose, Voldemort!
The square at night.
Two giant dogs. On leashes!! like Chara!
At nice restaurants you receive your dishes like this, all wrapped up. It costs 1 yuan but ensure that your dishes are clean! Restaurants send the dishes to a company, who cleans them, and packages them like so.
Doesn't look that impressive but let me tell you, this stuff, gung bao ji ding, is amazing! It's chicken, peanuts, peppers, cucumber and carrots! Delish!
Egg fried rice. Dan Chao Fan!

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Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures!! I want a cricket!!And you do not know how I was panicking inside seeing you petting those dogs! Then I read the comment and couldn't stop laughing!!! Love you, cita

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