Spring in Korea

With Spring showers going on here in Texas, I can't help but think of the gorgeous spring weather they're probably having now in Korea. Come spring in Korea, cherry blossoms line the streets. Their beautiful flowers only last a few weeks but those few weeks make for some quite magical views, a spring paradise. 

Luckily, while we lived in Korea, we were able to enjoy their beauty, before all their petals fell off, littering the sidewalk like snow.
We thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of spring in Korea while living there. Flowers were in bloom in every green space you could find, beautifully painting the streets and parks of Korea. 
We think they have quite a knack for gardening.  I don't know if it's the good soil, the good weather or just all the ajummas (old ladies) constantly picking weeds and tending to the plants, but the flowers were beautiful there. Koreans are good about filling even in the smallest patches of grass, even next to a parking lot, with veggies or plants. It was very inspiring! Well, for Zachary. I don't know that I'll ever actually plant something. haha.

A beautiful spring day there, is like a celebration. Families fill the parks. Children ride their bikes, roller skate and chase their daddies. Everyone is smiling. Families even set up tents in the parks to enjoy a whole day of relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. We loved enjoying this part of Korean culture & scenery in the spring.

There's little Heather & Zachary back in 2011 when we lived in Korea. 
 Lately, I've been seeing cherry blossom trees for sell here. I don't know how well they'd do but I would love to buy some! They're just gorgeous. Anyone in Japan? I've heard they're in abundance there!  Rumor has it that the Japanese are/were so in love with their cherry blossoms that they planted them where ever they went, which is why they now have them in Korea. We even saw some in Qingdao. 

Any spring trees/plants/etc that you're loving where you are?! Though we don't have cherry blossoms here, I must say with all these spring showers lately I'm really enjoying all of the green here in Texas. :) I'm soaking it up because it will be brown before we know it! 

Happy Spring Lovelies.
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