Arturo's Underground Cafe

I always have that dilemma about whether to share or not to share my most favorite secret places. There's always that tension, right? I'm sure that's what people living in gorgeous tropical places feel. "Share this gorgeous location with the rest of the world because how can you keep this beauty to yourself?! Also, they'll probably come because it's so beautiful & it would really help us locals financially." This is the the very serious, hard dilemma I'm in right now, people. But I just can't keep too much of a good thing to myself, so I'll spill. Arturo's Underground is the best, THE BEST, brunch you will ever eat in downtown Austin on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Don't listen to any other list of "best places to eat brunch". If Arturo's isn't on it, just exit the page. This is the best! Just trust me! 
Most people I ask, "Have you ever been to Arturo's?" answer no. Most have never even heard of it. Of course, this makes the lines shorter to just a 10 minute wait vs the gajillion minute wait of other downtown Austin brunch spots. It also keeps that special feel to this hole-in-the- wall coffee shop by week brunch spot by weekend place. It feels like our own little brunch spot where we can tuck away from the rest of the world. Part of me wants to keep it this way.IMG_0317
But then there's this other part of me that wants to stand out on the street & insist to all who drive by to come in & taste of the deliciousness! It must be shared! And, a locally owned business making such good food, don't you want to support that?! Don't you want their business to grow? They deserve it. They're making masterpieces. I want them to succeed! And so, I'll shout it from the rooftops, metaphorically that is. Go to Arturo's Underground Cafe. Just go. Also, did I mention that they have mimosa carafes? And free hot cookies Sunday mornings?
Here's what you must, MUST, order. Their El Diablo & their Carribean French toast. The El Diablo combines everything that you could ever want in a Texas brunch; thick buttery toast, spicy jalapenos, poached/fried? eggs (don't know, just good. good eggs), hollandaise sauce & delicious home-style potatoes. The Caribbean french toast consists of thick slices of bread, toasted pecans, caramelized/bourbonized (What is this delicious syrup?) & bananas foster. Zachary & I get both & split the two. We can never decide what we like best. They're both just too good. You eat a little sweet & long for the spicy. You eat a little spicy & long for the sweet. You just want it all.  IMG_0318
Check it out your next Saturday free! You won't be disappointed. :) 
314 W. 17th Street 
Austin, Texas
Brunch is Saturday & Sundays  

**As a side not, we've only ever ordered these two dishes. They're so good we never want anything else! So, that's all I can really speak on. I'm sure the other food is great, too.
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