Cat Turned 30

Our friend Cat, who was one of my roommates in college, turned 30 a few months ago & in our favorite fashion, celebrated her birthday with a Harry Potter themed party. As you might know, we heart, heart, HEART, Harry Potter anything, so we were super pumped for her B-day! 
See Cat above as Bellatrix Lestrange.  
I'm sure you can tell because of the super high quality photo above, but Zachary went as Professor Snape & I went as Rita Skeeter. Please see the bright green beetle ring above. I'm quite proud of that find. You may recall that Rita's animagus is a green beetle. Also, please see that huge feather pen & that curly Rita Skeeter hair that made us late to the party. Turns out, I don't own a curling iron so I had to get creative & burn a few fingers by using my hair straightener.
These other photos are all stolen via the Facebook event, so they're much better. Check out Narcissa Malfoy & Professor Trewlaney above. Pretty amazing costumes, eh?My brother was our plus one & made sure to dress up for the festivities. Can you guess who he is? That's right, the rugged Quidittch World Cup champion, Viktor Krum. 

Tonks made an appearance, as well as, some dark marks, Hogwarts letters & several other characters. It was a fun night full of homemade butter beer, pumpkin pasties & some empanadas, that I couldn't get enough of, that I'm sure also had a very on theme name.

Thank you Cat for turning 30 & blessing us with your friendship! We're so thankful for you!

Please forgive the terrrible spacing of this post. This post & it's spacing will be the end of my sanity if I don't walk away and say it's fine as is, crazy spacing and all. post signature

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