Mozarts w/ Nicole

DSC_0797 3Are sweet friend Nicole just moved home from China! We know everyone there misses her but I'm we're so happy to have her back! Nicole's lovely mother, Kathleen, & my mom were coworkers before Nicole & I had ever met. My mom & Kathleen always connected on the fact that their daughters both had hearts for China. One thing led to another & Nicole moved to Qingdao, where we lived. It was an instant connection! She became one of our closest friends & like our family in no time. Nicole even lived with us for a few months. All that to say, we love this girl! Having her home now reminds me of our time catching up last year when she came home on winter holiday. DSC_0799 2
We had a coffee date all together in Nicole & I's hometown, Austin, at Mozart's! We LOVE Mozart's & the best part about this fun lake side coffee shop is that Chara can come with us any time we get that craving for Mozart's homemade cheesecake. DSC_0800 2
Mozart's is on Lake Austin which always makes for a beautiful view. It's super idyllic studying or working on Mozart's patio, watching the ducks swim by & enjoying the Texas sunshine. DSC_0802 2DSC_0804 2DSC_0817 3DSC_0819 2DSC_0828 2DSC_0833 2 
It was a sunny day so the pictures we got weren't the greatest but the memories still were. :) Looking forward to more Mozart's coffee dates with Chara & this chica. Love you Nicole! So glad you're home. 
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