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Last Christmas, Zachary's parents bought us a Sony Cyber Shot TX30 18.2 mp digital camera.
This was probably one of the best and most useful gifts we've ever asked for/received. We love this camera! It takes fantastic pictures & has great options, like magnifying and panoramic options. It also takes great underwater pictures and is, of course, waterproof! It's also shock proof, dust proof and freeze proof. This is the perfect camera for island vacations and even just day to day life. We never have to worry about it getting wet, can take it anywhere with us and get great underwater shots! In Qingdao, we hadn't had many great opportunities to use it underwater, so as soon as we saw the pool at the Loboc Riverside Resort, we thought we'd jump in, with our kayaking clothes on, and try our underwater option out.
It feels so fun & rebellious to have a camera with you in the pool!
Zachary, clearly, was a natural. ;) This cutness can't open his eyes underwater.
We had so much fun in the pool, trying to push ourselves down far enough to take good photos. We couldn't stop laughing, and took about a 100 pictures. Most of them, are just ridiculous, legs floating over are heads, contorted face pictures. But it was fun. If you don't have an underwater camera I highly recommend this Sony! They have it several colors, including black, which is our color of choice. As advertised below, it's 'nearly everything-proof.' That's my perfect kind of camera!
Right now it's  on sale for $199, with free shipping and a free case on the Sony Website. Not being paid by Sony, we just really love this camera, and I think you should have one, too! :)
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