End of Summer Photo Diary

I am loving reading LaurenConrad.com these days & she recently posted an End of Summer Photo Diary. This post is entirely inspired by hers. :) 

The summer started with the birth of this cutey, Elijah! We've tried to spend at least one day a week in the company of this gorgeous little man and his mommy and daddy, our close friends, Justin & Catherine. Photo by Catherine.
 We went to an awesome & super patriotic 4th of July Party.
Then, we zipped on over to Shanghai for a day, and then red-eyed it to Manilla.
We took a tour of Zachary's future new school & explored a little of Manila.
Then spent a heavenly week in Bohol...
 where we saw the Chocolate Hills, pet a giant snake, saw the rare tarsier, zip lined, motor biked, snorkeled...
 stayed at this fantastic resort..
 fed monkeys for the first time..
 and kayaked the gorgeous Loboc River.
 As soon as we got back to China, Zachary bought a scooter which has improved our summer immensely.
The scooter has inspired me to start wearing sleeveless shirts, which is, seriously, quite an accomplishment for me. All the Vitamin B is doing my heart & soul some good!
We checked out the pseudo-jazz band at the Himalayas with our good friend & Himalayas GM, Sonny & stuffed our faces at Z1 (Pseudo because there's just a keyboardist and singer, NOT because they don't sound awesome, because they do!).
 We rode our scooter tons!
 And helped Trent and Angie by their own! (Scooter gang in the works, ya'll!)
 We went to a dinner party at our friend's new apartment where they have this view.
 We explored some of Lao Shan's hidden gems, like crystal clear lakes and green tea fields.
 After a few weeks of tutoring, snuggling up with our girl dog & enjoying our new bike, we headed to Beijing, stayed in the Hutongs and hiked the Great Wall.
 Exactly, one week later we jumped on a plane and headed to another famous city in China, Xian.
 Where we saw an entire army of Terra Cotta Warriors!
And to close out this fantastic summer, we are now officially an aunt & uncle, with the birth of my sister's first little boy, Sebastian. 
And here we are guys, 2 days out from our first day back at work. It's been an awesome summer. One of the best, actually. We are feeling so blessed.  What does your End of Summer Photo Diary entail?

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