Baclayon Church & Museum

Baclayon Catholic Church is one of the most famous sites, tailing second to the Chocolate Hills, in Bohol. It's a beautiful church dating back to it's first construction in 1595.  It's current state was constructed in 1724. It's gorgeous with it's Colonial Spanish architecture and ornate details inside. It's a jewel to locals, still holds service and is a must stop spot for tourists. The church had been partially damaged from the most recent earthquake and was still under construction in several places when we visited. Mostly, the bell tower was what was mostly effected. Thankfully, the majority of the church was still beautifully in tact, praise God.Before
After & source 
When we visited they had already thankfully repaired much of the damage you see above but it was still a shame to see such a beautiful place under construction.
Don't you  love all the rich colors of it's previous glory?
It was easy to see how vibrant & colorful the church once was but I thought it kind of special and charming in it's slightly more weathered state.
One of the coolest parts of our visit to the Church was kneeling at the pews and praying out loud together. It was just cool to pray in a place where people have been kneeling in prayer for 200+ years and knowing that God is the same today as He was 200 years ago, and He hears us. I know God doesn't dwell in buildings or things made by hands but it still felt special, to be in that place and praise Him who dwells with us and in us.
Only 50 pesos or $3.80 per person.
We weren't allowed to take pictures in the museum to preserve it's contents, so this was the only picture we got. The stairs walking up to the museum. The museum housed 16th century relics & old pieces used in the church services.
The grounds of the church were so beautiful and peaceful, as most places are in Bohol.
Baclayon Church was beautiful and we wish it fast recoveries. :)
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