Bohol's Famous Python

Prony the python, known to locals as Baksan and the 'Live Anaconda of Bohol,' was the pride and joy in Albuquerque, Bohol. She was  the longest python, at 28 feet, and the heaviest at 600 pounds, python to be held in captivity. But there was lots of drama surrounding Prony. Shocking, I know! Okay, so not lots of drama, but that's not as good of a story. So, back to the drama. Who knew that a 28 foot python could cause so much of a tizzy!? Apparently, her eating habits weren't so classy. Naughty Prony (okay, I know it wasn't Prony's fault) ate stray dogs every full moon. Don't you know that's the best time to eat stray dogs? Of course, tourists & the Animal Kingdom Federation, Inc. weren't too impressed with that, so after years of tiffs between the Albur Mayor and Prony's owner, she was moved to a Wildlife Sanctuary, where she ate 6 live chickens a week. But unfortunately for us, and all future Prony tourists, Prony died of lung cancer this past year. Strange fact we learned, that the chili ice cream server at the sanctuary told us, which makes it completely true, most snakes die of lung disease. Our tour guide also told us some strange story that I didn't quite understand about the owner having cancer, or was going to get lung cancer, or something to do with the owner and cancer, but the snake saved his life by taking the cancer instead. But no need to fear, there's a replacement Prony! Who's name is unknown, or totally forgotten by me, and not on Wikipedia, where I get all factual information.
On our trip to Bohol, we of course had to check out this famous python at the Bohol Python & Wildlife Park. Of course. Their was a few other interesting animals to view, like a comodo dragon and the wild civet, that "helps" make that oh so expensive, kopi luwak. 
The little coffee bean eater is the one all caged up and sad in the bottom right corner. I was pretty sad he wasn't up eating coffee beans, allowing me to taste the infamous coffee at a Philippines price.  
Our tour guide, showed us all the little animals the park hosted. He was extremely friendly and asked some 'deeper' questions. I wish I could remember his name, he gave us his real name, not his stage name, and was really bothered by what it was. Apparently, it doesn't have a great meaning. He asked me about the situation in China for homosexuals and lady boys, having heard it was illegal in China. He also asked us what made us so joyful about our dog, Chara. It seemed like he was a thinker, and longed for meaningful conversation, and I just felt kind of connected to him. I wish we could have sat down over coffee with him and had some real conversations. I just sensed he longed for more.
Some other 'wild life' not on display and not apart of the wildlife park were these two little cuties. They were the owners' dogs, and we of course, found them and had some sweet puppy time.
After checking out all the small animals, we got to the main event, the stuffed Prony. 
After the stuffed one, we moved on to the live, replacement Prony, which is smaller, but on her way.
I didn't think I'd be scared at all, and truthfully, I wasn't really, but when you lay down next to a huge snake, and it turns its head towards you well, it is kind freaky. The ladies were so comfortable with it, having probably lifted it's huge body for pictures multiple times a day, for years. They kept assuring us there was no way she'd bite us because she had just ate 6 chickens the day before.
I know snakes are long and skinny, but let me tell you, that thing was heck-a heavy. It's especially hard to hold a giant snakes neck when it keeps moving it and trying to look at you.
 After our giant snake holding fun, we had some chili ice cream, which was spicy and delicious on a hot day.
If you're in Bohol, go visit Prony! It takes a mere 20 minutes to walk through the tiny park, you will probably have the place to your self, it's on the way to all the other sites, and it's only 20 pesos, $1.50. Oh, you gotta love the Philippines and the cheap tourist fun!
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Organized Chaos said...

Thanks for sharing this! I feel people have a misconception of snakes! We used to have a python, an anaconda, and two boas! Over the years we've given them away to sanctuaries and friends who could better care for them. Basically, we felt it cruel to keep them in tanks too small and our house could no longer accommodate them. I believe they are beautiful creatures though!

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