Pictures from our phone the last Month

This is the highly disgusting meat stick that is very popular here! We heard that these are very unhealthy and many factories have been found to have ground up all different kinds of meat, including cats and dogs, to make it. Sick-O.

 A usual sight for us in China. Hanging chickens and chicken parts.

She's adorable. Cici. One of my kindergarten students. She is always dressed very stylish. She's the youngest in the class and just precious. She always lifts up her shirt and has the biggest, baby belly. So cute.

Cake advertisement.

We tried turtle! It tasted like chicken. Really. It did. 

Mike seemed to like it. This kid will eat anything. His favorite food is this black fish that you can eat every part of. Last time we had dinner together he cut up the fish's face and cartilage for us to enjoy. He was chomping down on it, so happy. He was also digging in to this turtle shell. 

 Zachary and Mike's father.
 We went and picked watermelon together! Along with eggplant, peppers, squash and zucchini, and cabbage. We came home with bags upon bags of veggies.
 Sampling some yellow watermelon.
Mike, with a bag of watermelon.

 Sorry.  A little blurry.

 Cabbage! They just cut out the middle.  I was impressed with these.
 Mike's mother.
She always sits this way. So cute.

View out the back window.

Our water-well. :)

These green beans?? are as long as my hair!

 There's a hole in the middle of the road. So instead of putting up flags or cones they just stuck a big tree branch in it. Haha.
 Teachers from a school Zachary teaches at.
More teachers. 

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