Dinner with Friends

Mike's family took us out for a good bye dinner on Tuesday. 
We have such a good time with Jack and his family and Mike's family. They just continuously bless us. They have been such great friends to us in Dongying. We hope to stay in touch with them. They all say they are going to come visit us in Qingdao!

They took us a great restaurant in middle-Dongying. And look! A ferris wheel in the distance! Just when we leave Dongying, too! They are about to open this ferris wheel and park. So fuN! 

 Mary and Jack's baby eating popcorn. :)
He's so cute.
 He seems to really like us, too.

 Mike and Zach.
 Mike, Mary, Tom and Mrs. Wo Yu Yin.

 Napkins and wet towels come in packages like this at the nicer Chinese restaurants.
 Big lazy susan.
 Place settings.

 Golden eggs! Like on Willy Wonka!
 My burn. The rice cooker steamed me!

 Sea cucumber soup. Pretty delicious.
 Zach, Mike's father and Jack. Look at all that delicious food!
 "Ha, ha" picture.
 "Ha, Ha, Ha" picture.

 Lots of delicious food!


 My favorite! Cong Xing Cai.

 Hand cut noodles.
 Mike took a break from food to do his homework.


 Ginormous eggs.
 Banana. He kept pointing to all different foods to have me say them in English. It was so cute. He pointed to the same things over and over and over and repeated me when I said the words.
:)We had a great time!

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