My New Bike

We have had lots of laugh and fun practicing biking this way. (see below)

We always see Chinese people riding bikes with ease like this.
 We have practiced a few times just for fun and gotten so-so at it with Zachary driving and me on back. Last week Zachary left his bike at the house and so we rode back from school on my bike. We were riding pretty smoothly when all of the sudden my bike started wobbling back and forth and before we knew it we we were skidding out of control. We quickly jumped off before the bike fell. We then saw that my tire was completely torqued. 
So we surveyed the damage and decided it would be very difficult for us to take the bike to the bike street to get a new tire and so we gave it to an old guy who had been watching. He was absolutely thrilled! He put it on top of his wagon and rode away smiling. 

And so,  I had to get a new bike. 
Here she is. 

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