Glimpses of our Apartment complex.

Our apartment complex is called Spring Garden, or in Chinese, Lu Xin Chang Chuen. It is supposedly the biggest apartment complex in Qingdo. It is over a kilometer long. 

We absolutely love it! It was one of the reasons we choose our apartment. It has tons of greenery and little trails everywhere you turn. We loved this resort-like feel. We also knew Chara would love exploring and running here. 

In our gated community we have discovered small little shops, a bakery, a movie theatre (with English movies!), an ATM, a nail salon, a tea shop, a pharmacy, a florist, a dry cleaner, and big grocery store. So fun and convienent.

There are tons of walkways like this, winding up hill.

We just walk straight down this road to get to the grocery store and movie theatre. Less than a 5 minute walk from our apartment. 

I took this from our bedroom window. Check out that hill. Ha! We didn't think about the hills when we fell in love with Qingdao and said we would ride our bikes everywhere. This hill is nothing compared to the roads around Qingdao. I don't think we'll be riding our one speed bikes much.

 There's a small lake right next to our apartment building.

 Loves her belly rubbed.

 Lots of people were out enjoying the warm weather. (In the 80's! Super nice) There were even little kids playing with remote controlled boats in the water.

 Small pond.

Truly all of Qingdao is this landscaped and green. We just found out that Qingdao will be the host of the international horticulture conference in 2 years so the city poured a billion yuan into making the city even more green. There are trees, flowers and bushes in every open space along the sea side and roads. Can't wait to see Qingdao in all 4 seasons.
So beautiful. :)


rachel said...

WoW! What a beautiful area. I would love to live in an area like that.....Love you Grandma Donohoe

Carolyn said...

wonderful pictures! So thankful that you two are able to live in such beautiful surroundings. It is truly lovely! Thanks for sharing. Love you so much. Grandma Carolyn

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