Moving Day

I know we have said it before, but we'll say it again, Mike's family have been such amazing friends to us. They have taken care of us and are constantly giving to us. We feel that we have done little in return. We always say thank you tons of times but they always say "No. No. The thanks is ours. We should thank you." Or "No. No. No thanks."

They surprised us again with their hospitality by paying for our moving trucks to Qingdao!
Not only did they pay for our trucks but brought us gifts, too! And rode with us all the way to Qingdao to help us move in.

So thankful for this family. We praise God for them.

Zachary, taping boxes.
Tons of boxes!

Zachary and Mike. Zachary is holding a gift from Mike, that he bought with his own money. So sweet. Two beautiful, white swans.

The swans kissing Mike.

 We got a big Christmas tree for this year! Justin and Catherine found this in the teacher's room and had a beautiful Christmas tree this past Christmas. When we were leaving we saw it in the room and asked our bosses if we could take it! They said yes! I was super excited!

 Chara jumped up into the truck to get into her cage herself. Cute.
 Water break.
Check out that tongue. We always think it can't get any bigger and then it does.

 So hot outside! It's much cooler in Qingdao. Ya!
 Chara, in the back of the truck. She sat up and looked around the majority of the 4 1/2 hours. She was so exhausted. When we got to Qingdao she passed out cold for a few hours. I had to check to make sure she was still breathing because she wouldn't budge, even when I knocked on the door.
Coming into Qingdao. View from the car.

 Sorry, bad picture. But you can see the mountains.


Holly said...

I just realized I commented about your old apartment but now you moved! I hope it's infinitely better and happy unpacking!

Amanda S. said...

It looks like you guys made some great relationships during the past nine months! And I love the photo of Zach and Chara.

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