Some Pictures at School

Mrs. Heather's Classroom :) 

I have my very own desk. :) 

Classroom 1. "Let every child have a happy life" is the motto at our school.
 This little sign is on the front of my door. I have no idea what it says. :)
 My classroom is the first door on the left.

"Oh, wow. Look at that nice field in front of my classroom. It must be nice for the kids to run around on in between classes."
 Oh, look. There's the field, on my floor. This is what I sweep up e.v.e.r.y. single day! Sometimes after just one class there's a pile this huge!
 See it all over the floor?
 Don't worry. I have this really awesome broom to sweep it all up. :) This is the typical Chinese broom.
I also have another one to make things easier.
 These huge army, green sleeping bag type things, hang over all the doors in Dongying, to try to keep the cold out.
A classroom near my class has recently been housing these two cuties. They often sound like crying children but are still cute. :) 
Baby goats' classroom.

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