Lessons Of Love In An Empty Wrapper

So this afternoon as I finished teaching, I decided that I would go get a Snickers bar to split with Heather. As I was walking to her last class of the day, I got distracted in enjoying the amazing chocolaty taste of the Snickers Bar, I ate more than my half leaving Heather only a small bite. So I rationalized my thoughts and said that she would prefer the small bite because that means less Weight Watcher Points....Anyway, I arrive at her class room and lay the wrapper and the remaining candy on her desk.....

Class is over and Heather and I begin to talk about how she was really excited to get something from me. She felt really loved and excited to enjoy something I have given her. BUT as her students watched her hoping they might be fortunate to taste some, she noticed that the candy had been opened. She reaches down to investigate more and finds only the remains of what I have already eaten.

SO instead of being greeted with a surprise, she finds her self looking at the remains of Zachary's lack of self control.

My first response is to tell her that I meant for us both to have a half, but that is soon dismissed along with the good intention I meant to convey.

SO instead of enjoying a sweet surprise..she was left with a crumb.
And instead of feeling thought of ...she felt neglected or an after thought.

Well, I am writing this because after we had talked it out, t just seamed too funny.

Good intentions and empty wrappers...never left anyone feeling loved. Lesson learned..hopefully.

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