March 12th is Tree Planting Day!

We were SO excited to get the opportunity to go with a local English school on their Tree Planting Day field trip to a Strawberry Farm!

We arrived at the site and were surprised to find our tree planting venue to be just as brown and dusty as Dongying!

Good thing we are planting trees here! (Since there are None.)
 Check out the farm so far! I especially like that huge electrical plant in the background. :)

 She's excited!
 This is the most I could get this girl to smile all day. Less excited, I think.
 I had to get a close up on the rabbit backpack. This is very "Asian," also very cute.
 Yep. Definitely needs some trees. Later I saw this lady carrying some small trees away. Ya. Pretty sure her job is to dig up the poorly planted trees the kids plant.
 The kids, hard at work digging.
 Zachary's group dug their hole very fast!

Watering the tree. 
 So handsome.
 Planting another tree.
 Check out this dog. She reminds me of Yoda. We were very confused as to what those two things hanging from her ears are. Any ideas? They swung around when she walked.
If Chara had those you can bet they'd be torn off. She'd be chasing her head and tail.
As it turns out, this colorless farm is a farm after all.
Everything is under these mounds of dirt!
One side is dirt for insulation and the other is a green house structure.

You can check out our time inside, strawberry and tomato picking, in the next post!

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