Fireworks are an obsession in China. No joke.
I know you have probably already seen Zachary's video with the fire crackers going off at 9 am, (This morning a drum line started at 6:20 am. Seriously.) but if you haven't seen the video, you can view it here.

February 6th was a holiday in China, the Lantern Festival! We had no idea until we heard tons of fireworks going off outside, like every 10 seconds, versus the daily every 5 minutes.

So, we looked out and were pleasantly surprised to see huge firework shows happening out every window we looked. The sky was lit for miles with beautiful firework shows.

I have never seen a 4th of July celebration come close to how many fireworks filled the sky that night. '

Next year, we will try to bare the cold and sit in a square to watch one of the shows with the locals.

Zachary tried to catch some shots through our window for you to see.

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Anonymous said...

I love fireworks!

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