Pictures of our Kids and at School

I haven't really brought the camera to school yet but decided I should get some pictures of the kids. Man oh man! They went crazy to get in front of the camera! Many insisted they see the pictures of themselves, too!

These two couldn't get enough of the camera! Ada and Skip.
Flowers I got for Teacher's Day at the beginning of the year. They're still alive because they're made of styrofoam and foam! :) These seem pretty popular in China. 
Our friend was even looking for a whole fake flower bouquet for his girlfriend the other day. 
Classic Chinese "shue" (cool) move. 
These are some of our little kindergartners we teach on Thursday mornings. They are so cute. 
Hunk. That's his English name. He's chowing down on a steam bun.
Walking to lunch.
Sock panty hose filled with soap are tied at every outside facet. Pretty clever.
This crazy boys name is Panda. He's hilarious.
(Not sure if we've put a picture of this sign up yet) 
Yes. That does say "Return life to children, let campus filled with group scent!" At a "bilingual" school you'd think they'd have foreign teachers proof read the signs.  
Zachary's kids.

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