We Have A Chef in the Family!

  My sister in law Lauren graduated form Cooking School a few months ago. Okay, like 6 months ago. Yes, I know. I'm always behind in blogging. Anyways, part of her last semester was holding a restaurant, which meant that she was Executive Chef of the kitchen that day. She worked hard for weeks researching & planning her menu. We were thrilled to be invited & went up to Waco for lunch at her restaurant.

We were, of course, super exited to find out that she choose a Chinese inspired menu. On the menu was ginger soup, pear salad, Sichuan style cold mixed noodles, southern Chinese pepper steak, wanton Napoleon & dim sum, among other things.  
We joined Lauren's family & Jacob, my brother, for lunch. Our servers were other culinary students in their 1st year of cooking school. IMG_0092
Green Onion Cakes: Unleavened fried scallion bread served with a chili-garlic dipping sauce.  
Our appetizer consisted of fried Chinese style bread with a yummy dipping sauce. 
While waiting for our food we had to snap some selfies. :)
IMG_0100 IMG_0102
Ginger Soup: Classic chicken consomme with a brunoise of ginger & onions along with lozenge carrots. 
Our first course was some delicious soup with a subtle ginger flavor. It was very Chinese in that it had subtle flavors & let the chicken stock do the talking.IMG_0103 
Pear Salad: A chilled mix of half-moon cucumbers, medium-diced carrots and a chiffonade of cabbage, tossed in a sesame oil pear dressing. Garnished with toasted black sesame seeds & a scallion blossom.
Second course was a crisp & fresh pear salad with cucumbers, celery, green onion & carrots. Topped with white & black sesame seeds. It was another very Chinese dish with the Asian pears & fresh veggies. 

For the main course, we ordered all three choices because your sister in law only graduates culinary school once & we wanted to try all of her creations! IMG_0111
Southern Chinese Pepper Steak: A spicy pepper steak made with USDA Choice Tenderloin presented over Szechuan green beans, a bed of white rice & braised mushrooms. 
First up was delicious a rendition of Chinese pepper steak. It was served with white rice & an ammmazing spicy green beans & mushroom mixture on the side. That side was by far my favorite of the whole menu. I'm a sucker for spicy Chinese green beans & mushrooms. It's always my favorite. IMG_0116
Fu Xi's Plate: Traditional steamed pork buns, chicken & chive phoenix eye & Shanghai shrimp served with a spicy sake sauce and rainbow kale slaw.  

Next, up we got Fu Xi's plate, which consisted of various dim soup & a kale side salad. It was pretty tasty. We're suckers for dumplings any time. IMG_0117 
Sichuan style cold mixed noodles: Star anise poached chicken breast & julienned red bell peppers fanned over glass noodles with fresh mung bean sprouts, small diced onions & snow peas, tossed with peanut dressing & garnished with bias green onion.  
Last, on the main course front, we got the Sichuan style cold noodles & chicken. I really enjoyed this dish. I loved, loved the peanut oil the noodles were tossed in. I also really enjoyed the bean sprout salad side. 
  WantonNapoleon: Deep fried wantons coated with powdered sugar, layered with vanilla bean pastry cream & fresh berries over a raspberry coulis.  

For dessert, Lauren served a delicate wanton Napoleon. It was light & yummy. 
We had a great time & were so happy to be able to be there to support Lauren! 
We're so proud of you sister!! 
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Kate @ DCL said...

How fun!! Her food looks incredible :)

themosbysinchina said...

It was! She did such a great job!! :)

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