Chara at 3 Months

This is an old post, from an old shall-not-be-named blog that I couldn't help but repost! It was an update on our sweet girl dog, Chara, at 3 months. Her birthday was January 20th & she turned 5 this year! I can hardly believe that she was ever as small as she is in these photos below! Enjoy!

Chara, is getting bigger, and continually reminding us, how impatient we are, I mean....how awesome she is. :) Well Here's an Update from Chara, herself:

An yang ah seh yo. That's hello, where I'm from. My name is Chara! I am now 3 months old! Like any golden retriever puppy, I am full of energy!

I do a great job staying at home by myself, while my mommy and daddy are at work. I don't cry or bark! Honestly! I am really good. And keep myself happy. And I am learning to be potty trained! Yaa me!

I love my life outside of my room, though. I especially love biting my mommies arms, and leaving battle wounds and scratches all over her.

Oh! I also love chewing on tissues, table legs, and anything that belongs to my mommy and daddy. It all just tastes sooooooo good!
My favorite thing to do is anything that daddy tells me not to do. That's the best! And lots of fun!

Also, I haven't yet learned what the word, "No!" means. I hear it a lot, but I am just not sure what it means. I think it's some kind of game Daddy likes to play with me. But I'm not sure.

I do know "Sit!" I always listen to "Sit!"

I love taking baths! And I always need one! It makes me sleepy.

I am learning to enjoy being brushed everyday, too! Because I am loosing my winter coat! And it kind of feels good.

Lately, I have been seeing the wide-wide world on walks! It is lots of fun!

I even have gone running with mommy some! But I get tired, so I just lay down, half way through. It's hard to keep up with my little legs!

I LOVE pig ears! And new toys! I really like to "bury" them behind the black chair. I dig and dig and then bury them there, shhh, don't tell mommy and daddy where they are.

My best friend, is an air freshener that sits on the floor. He is a good friend. We play. I bark at him and hit him with my feet and growl at him. It's fun.

My favorite place to play hide and seek is under the couch! hehe. Mommy and Daddy look for me. They call me. They don't even know I'm under there! I trick them! Oh. But I can't get out. So I have to cry until Daddy comes and gets me.

Ohhhhhh Treats! I eat about 5 treats a day! I am a spoiled puppy! Yummy!

This Saturday I will get my 4th round of shots! Pheww! Only 2 more to go AND then I get to go to puppy school!!!

Well, that's an update about me!

Here are some pictures, so you can see how cute I am getting. :)

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Kate @ DCL said...

what a little stinker lol!

shelly said...

Awwww my grand puppy!

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