Sophie's 4th Birthday

My little sister, Sophie, turned 4 this year. She wanted to have a "Rainbow Unicorn" birthday party so I insisted to my mom that I make the cake. I had so much fun making something special for her. I'm not a perfectionist but I tried really hard to make it look as neat as possible. I made sure to pull out my food coloring, too. I pulled out all the steps, guys. ;) I divided the cake batter into three cake pans, all in different colors & stacked the baked cakes on top of each other so when you cut the cake, it's colorful. This was a detail that was missed on Sophie, though. She was mostly interested in the icing. Nevertheless, I had fun making it & I think it turned out pretty cute, too.
Sophie had her birthday at "Catch Air." When my mom told me she was having her party there, I had no idea what to expect. Once we got there though, I was completely in love with the place & used any excuse possible to run around the place. i.e. play on every spiny thing possible. hehe. Why don't they make places like this for adults? IMG_2118We had a 45 minute slot where we got a room to serve the kids pizza, cake & open presents. You know, four year old birthday parties are weird, honestly. None of the kids really talk to each other, so it's just all of the parents quietly talking as they sit around a table of 4 year olds quietly eating there pizza. Haha. I think my mom calls this "parallel play." I guess by next year's birthday party they might be interacting a little more with each other? IMG_2116
Rainbow Bright made sure to attend the party via the table ware & goodie bags.
IMG_2103IMG_2101These are all the photos I have from Sophie's party & the place (they don't have a website or great pictures online! But if you're in the Austin area & have kids- take them! It was great!). I wish I could have taken more! All the pictures that I have of Sophie herself, were super blurry, so that's a bummer. Anyways, at least you got a little peek. :)  And now, a few (only a few, it was a packed year!) highlights from Sophie's past year:
 Sophie played in the snow for the first time this year. When she saw it, she immediately laid down & tried to make snow angels in the hard, crunchy Texas snow. Actually, this "snow" was a small plot that my grandparent's neighborhood brought in for a "snow day" for the kids in the community. // We took Sophie & our cousin, Mckayla, to see Veggie Tales Live this year. // Sophie got her first bike for her birthday!
 For Sophie's actual, on the day of, birthday my grandma made her cupcakes & Suphie requested they be Spiderman & Puppy themed. Where does she come up with this stuff? // Sophie went to a pumpkin patch this year! // She also started (pre) school, which she loves!
 Sophie was the flower girl in my brother's wedding! // She also partied hard & had her first chocolate hangover. ;)

Other highlights from this year for her: Going to Jamaica, The Grand Caymans & Cozumel, trying her first hot dog & her first biscuit & jelly, getting a trampoline & watching Scooby Doo & My Little Pony on the reg.

LOVE YOU Sophie-girl. So happy to have been here for your 4th year of life. Looking forward to this next year! Muah, out "little cup cake." 
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