Simple, Last Minute Valentine's Day DIY Gifts

With Valentine's Day coming up, I'm thinking about ways to gift my husband, Zachary, and I bet you are thinking about how to gift the man in your life, too.

What can we do to bless these amazing men in our lives & show them how much they are loved?! Especially when so little time is left before Valentine's! Here's a few ideas for you that I posted a few years ago. :)

An Encouragement Jar
Our first year of dating, I made Zachary a bag of all the things I loved about him.
 Everyone loves to hear the ways they are loved and we should never tire of telling our special men how wonderful they are. This year I made him an encouragement jar with 75 reasons I love him. Don't ask me why the number 75! You can pick any number, really.

A Box of Dates
Valentine's Day is a good excuse to start a date box.
Fill a box with fun date ideas or just simple ways to spend time together.

Truth or Dare Sticks
Going with the theme of fun things to do together, how about a classic; truth or dare. It may be a little corny but still fun. Make your truths and dares as naughty or nice as you'd like.

Red hearts-Dares // Pink Hearts-Truths

Homemade Massage Oil
This gift is fun & easy to make. Plus, it comes with an extra bonus-- It probably ensures you'll be getting a massage, too! A gift that gives back to you! :) Nice! 
But remember, this is Valentines' Day, a day devoted to love! So, make sure your one and only gets a massage, too!

Valentine's Massage Oil Recipe
6 tsp of grape seed, coconut or canola oil
8 drops of an essential oil of choice 
(lavender, mint, rose hip and jasmine are great, relaxing choices!)
Mix & store in a dark glass jar. 
Tie a ribbon around it and give it to your man!

As you can see above, all of these ideas are fun, thoughtful & super easy. Obviously, you can make them look better or use nicer materials. I made the above while in China, so paper & markers it was! 

Do you have any fun, easy ideas on how to bless your guy? Let me know in the comments below!
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The Girl who Loved to Write said...

The truth or dare and the date box are both so adorable!

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