Harvest Party & Soup Contest

To carry on the tradition of our church in Qingdao, Laoshan New Spring, we had a Soup Fellowship this year with our new church, The Church at Round Rock. We were so excited to share this event with our new church family & actual family. I love soup parties. I think they're such a good idea & fun all the time, any season. If you have never hosted one, you should! It's super easy to host, especially since the bulk of your menu is brought by others. 
As tradition, we as a church provided the plates & bowls, utensils, drinks, breads and the decorations. We then told everyone at church to bring a dessert & their best homemade soup. 
Zachary made a delicious Lobster Bisque & I skipped out on soup making this year & instead made a Turtle Pumpkin Cheesecake to share. Both were delicious! 
We also made fun flyers so that everyone could invite their friends & neighbors & asked each guest to bring a soup, too.

We rented out our apartment's club house which turned out to be the perfect space. We had 13 soups & around 40+ people. It was a fantastic evening & there was lots of room & food for everybody! We enjoyed the night of soup tasting & chatting.
DSC_0735 DSC_0723DSC_0724 
The winning soups were
#1 Lentil Soup
#2 Italian Wedding Soup
#3 White Chili
Zachary's Lobster Bisque came in at #5. Great job Z! For the winners, we made sure to provide fun prizes (gift cards, because who doesn't love those) before they left! :)
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