Soups to Make Now

Soup season is not over! Many of you still have a few months left of it but for us down in the South our days of chilly, soup weather are closing in fast. Don't let soup season pass without making these delicious soups! :)
 Roasted Cauliflower & Aged Cheddar Soup
This is one of my favorite soups. It's creamy, easy to prepare and tastes amazing served along side this beer bread. This was a staple meal for us during China's long winters.
 Tom Yum Soup
 We were taught this recipe in Thailand at the Siem Riep Cooking School. It's ridiculously good & actually super easy once you have the ingredients stocked. Serve it along side rice & enjoy this spicy deliciousness. 

This Chicken Avocado Lime Soup from Jaclyn over at Cooking Classy looks delicious. A soup for any season! I'm not going to lie. I'm a sucker for anything that pairs well with tortilla chips, cheese & avocado. Really just mention avocado & I'm sold.
We've been suckers for Wonton Soup lately. It's so light & easy on the stomach. This wonton soup by Chungah at Damn Delicious has some labor involved but creating those fragile dumplings are sure to make you feel good. 
This Asian Noodle Soup by Andi at The Weary Chef only takes less than 30 minutes to prepare, start to finish, & as Andi mentions it's great for sore throats.

Roasted Butternut Squash & Bacon Soup  // Roasted Tomato Basil Soup // French Onion Soup
Another soon to be winter favorite from Damn Delicious, is this Roasted Butternut Squash & Bacon Soup. Chungah says the secret to this soup is roasting the bacon & squash together before you blend them up. I already know Zachary would love this one because, well, obviously, BACON!
This Roasted Tomato Basil Soup is another delicious recipe from Jaclyn at Cooking Classy. I think where she really got me hooked with this soup is the grilled cheese croutons. 
I've been dying to make French Onion Soup lately & this picture of Michele's french onion soup has me swooning. I must make this immediately. Immediately. 
Do you have any soup recipes that you're dying to make? Any family favorites? Share in the comments below!
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The Girl who Loved to Write said...

These all look delicious-I've been craving soup all week!

themosbysinchina said...

Did you make any?! It seems I'm always craving soup! It's just so delicious, cozy and usually pretty healthy too!

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