Getting Our Christmas Tree

I love having a real Christmas tree. Our first Christmas together as a married couple, I made sure that we got a real tree! We went to a little tree farm & picked one out. It was so fun! Growing up, we always had a fake tree & I always sort of envied my friends who had real trees. It just seemed so romantic to me-like the movies. :) Our next Christmas as a married couple we moved to Korea & then China, and have had a fake tree the past 4 years, so I was EXCITED to get a real tree now that we were back in the U.S. Ideally, in my dreams, I dreamt of sawing down our own tree, but in reality, the first week of December was closing in quick & I wanted a tree! So, we went to the tree lot at Home Depot. Which was still filled with tons of real trees. :) :) 


We picked one out for a great price & they wrapped it up for us. It wasn't until we got home, unwrapped it & set it up  that we saw how beautiful it was! Nearly perfect. :) I've loved looking at it & smelling that "real Christmas tree" smell filling out house this past month! :) I'll post pictures of our tree all put together soon. :)


What about you? Do you do a real tree or fake tree for Christmas?
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The Girl who Loved to Write said...

We live in a tiny apartment where it's very hard to get things in and out, but once we're in a bigger place, I'd love to start getting a real tree!

Mia Moore said...

We had a fake tree -- but nothing beats the smell of a real tree! I do love that it comes pre-lit though :)

It was great meeting you today -- let me know if you need any help with your blog stuff! I can send the links I used to transfer everything to WordPress!

- Mia

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