Our Dollars For You

DSC00513As I mentioned in this post, today marks the one year anniversary of my dad passing. A year ago, he was hanging out at Reverend Jim's Dam Pub & hung this dollar on the wall. The wall was filled with dollars & he finally put his. He went behind the bar, grabbed his own tacks & hung it front & center. That night, he passed away in a motorcycle accident. It was a day that shook our world as a family. It was so unexpected. We held the "after party" at the pub & found out about this special dollar he left behind just a few days before. We decided we wanted our dollars right next to his. As a family, we pulled out all our dollar bills & wrote messages to my daddy. DSC00504
There's his dollar! It's like he knew we'd be there a few days later. :)
Hanging up our dollars next to his. DSC00521DSC00526DSC00525DSC00528DSC00530DSC00532DSC00531DSC00534DSC00535 
A few months later the pub got a Harley shirt with my dad's name on it that he had ordered in the mail. They hung all our dollars, his dollar & his shirt in a shadow box that now hangs at the restaurant. Father, you are not forgotten. We love you & miss you so very much. post signature

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Cat Drago said...

I love you Heather. I'm so sorry that you have to go through such a sad anniversary, but happy that you have good memories to keep. <3

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