A Year Ago Today

Is it weird that I'm posting about the 'after party' of my dad's funeral? Maybe. Maybe not. To me, it's not weird. It was this beautiful time of remembering & celebrating his life. There's things we do, ways we celebrate, that seem so 'daddy' to me. Anytime BBQ, music, a bon-fire or some form of outdoors is involved, it feels right. It feels like he's there. The 'party' we had after his funeral at Reverend Jim's Dam Pub, felt right, it was him. It was so him, I think we all kept looking back, expecting him to be there, or doing double takes at guys with similar builds. DSC00459
DSC00466Guys, I wish I had more photos. I wish I had photos filled with all the people there that loved him. I wish I had photos of everything but you know, it's a funeral, and that's not really what you're thinking about. Today marks the one year anniversary of my dad's passing. We spent some time today spreading his ashes into the lake. It was hard. We miss him dearly. But it was good to remember him all together & be together. Thankful for that. DSC00474DSC00476DSC00481DSC00484DSC00486DSC00492DSC00494DSC00503DSC00496
We love you daddy!

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