September Stitch Fix Review

Hey friends! As you may know, I'm a stylist for Stitch Fix! Whoop! As if I could be any more obsessed with this company & service, just by working for them, I started getting boxes & am now even more obsessed! Man, oh, man. I love it. I love all that this company is about, helping women feel their best selves. I love that someone else picks out something beautiful for you with fresh eyes & a fresh perspective, with the goal of making you feel as beautiful as possible! I love the quality of the clothes & I especially love that their jeans, in the words of someone much wiser, are "magic" & seem to always fit!
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Truth: I have a really difficult time shopping in stores. I get excited about what I pick out and spend 45 minutes plus looking for those perfect pieces I want to try on. I get to the dressing room & more times than not, those beautiful pieces I brought with me to the dreaded dressing room, don't fit. It's either too small, which is depressing, or it's too big because I tried to avoid that depressing moment of something being to small, so I overestimated the size. It's frustrating & leaves me a sweaty (shopping in Texas is the worst), sad mess. Stitch Fix takes away all that! SF for the win! DSC_0232
At Stitch Fix (I'll use we, as a stylist!) we take into account your sizes, weight, height, stature, favorite styles & occasions for which you dress. We take all this into account to select pieces that we think will fit you & your style loves best. We want to style you well! We want you to feel good! As a stylist, one of my favorite parts of the job is reading the feedback from women that LOVED their box, felt good & felt like I "got" them! I love that! DSC_0233 
I've also been on the other end of those comments these last few months, getting Fixes. Yesterday, I got my 4th Fix & I was jumping up and down happy! Like a little girl, spinning in my skirt, asking her daddy to watch her > THAT kind of happy. I loved everything in my box. It looked good. It felt good. And it all fit! Also, for maybe a little too much information, it made me feel sexy ;) & beautiful. NOT because I think my beauty or worth lies in clothes fitting (Our worth is in what God says of us, in Jesus & how dearly loved we are by Him!!) but because I felt good in those clothes & felt like it accented my beauty. The same way you can feel more beautiful sitting before a waterfall or working out or seeing a sunset. You know what I mean? DSC_0239
So you get a box of clothes & then what? If you've never heard of Stitch Fix, you may be wondering how it all works. Well, let me tell you sister, so you can join in on the fun!

 1. Go online & fill out a style profile. You will answer questions about your body shape, style preferences, metal preferences, price preferences, etc. Make sure in the notes box at the end of the profile you write out all the information you want your personal stylist to know. Mine would say something like,

"I am not very comfortable showing my arms or legs. Please send tanks sparingly or include a cardigan. I am bottom heavy & curvy but with a smaller waist, so it's difficult for me to find jeans. I love loose fitting, boho styles. I love layering. I also love fringe & lace. I am not a fan of polka dots or super preppy styles." 

 or you could make it a little simpler & say something along the lines of,
"I really don't like shopping! So, I can't wait to see what you pick for me! I love green & blue best. :)"

At the end of the style profile process you will link your payment information. Don't get freaked out by this!
2. Make sure to link your Pinterest. If you don't have a Pinterest, I suggest making one specifically for Stitch Fix. You don't have to, it's just a great way to show your stylist exactly the styles you love. You can even pin pieces from the Stitch Fix Pinterest board that you like & your stylist can look & see if we have any of those pieces available.

3. Schedule a date for your Fix. You can choose to sign up for recurring boxes (once a month, twice a month, whatever you choose) or you can schedule a specific date month by month. I suggest for first timers to try the first month, at least, then decide if you want recurring boxes. Once you schedule your Fix, a $20 styling fee will be deducted from your card. This styling fee will then be applied to any of the pieces you decide to keep.

3. Leave Requests. Make sure to leave any specific requests you have for your box. Have you been seeing a lot of burgundy on Pinterest & would love a burgundy piece for fall? Let your stylist know!
For more info on how to best communicate with your stylist read my post here

4. The Selection. You will get a personal stylist that will pick out 5 pieces for you. These pieces will be sent to you on the date you selected, along with a styling card, showing you different ways to style each piece, a personal note to you from your stylist, a price list & a prepaid bag for sending the pieces you don't want back.

5. Get your Fix in the mail & get excited! Try on all the pieces that were selected for you & decide what you want to keep in the comfort of your own home. (No dreaded dressing rooms!) Mix & match the pieces in your box with things you already have in your closet to see how you can style each item.

6. Send back the pieces you don't want with in 3 days. There's an addressed, post paid, bag that's included in your box.
7. Go online & check out. (I usually do this before I send my items back so I know how much it will be all together & this helps me make my decisions. If only I could keep all 5 every time. Sigh.) There will be a check out survey where you select if you are keeping something or not. You will be able to mark if you liked the style, fit, price, etc, as well as leave a comment on each item. Be sure to leave detailed feedback about what you liked & disliked about each piece so your stylist can get to know your tastes better. At the end of that survey, you'll click the 'next
 button & it will show you your receipt & total. The $20 styling fee you paid when you booked your Fix will be deducted from your total. (If you don't keep anything, the $20 styling fee is not refunded.)  You're not checked out until you click 'purchase.' I usually click back a few times, selecting "keep it" on different items, playing around with my total. Feel free to do that.

If you keep all 5 pieces you get 25% off!! 
8. Enjoy your new clothes! At the end of your check out, if you haven't signed up for automated fixes, you'll be able to select your next Fix date.
Full Disclosure: I AM a stylist for Stitch Fix but I don't get anything from you signing up, except what everyone else gets, too. When you sign up using my link, I get $25 towards my own Fix purchases (NOT on to my paycheck). When you sign up, you'll then get your own link & can refer your friends & get that $25, too. :) I don't get anything but that. But that sounds REALLY good to me! My husband would be SUPER happy if even just 4 of you signed up using my link. This would allow me to get a box next month with our new budget taking place this week! hahaha. ;)
I bet you're eager to see what I got in my box, that I loved so much this Fix. So, let's get to it:
Please take note: Sorry for the not so super professional pictures. Don't zoom in on my legs, as I didn't shave. ;) And, YA! We have a white wall in our apartment ;) , the bloggers number 1 tool.

1. Torrano Triple Layer Stone Necklace $44 (shown above)

You guys, I'm in love with this necklace. I don't want to take it off. It's amazing. I was happy to see that it was really good quality, too. I loved how unique each of the stones are, too.

Verdict: KEPT

Queensland Dolman Jersey Top $48
These pictures don't do this top justice. It's incredibly comfortable & flattering. It's also ridiculously soft. Like, I love this material, so much so, I wish all my clothes were made from it! I love the dark plum color, too. Perfect for fall!

Verdict: KEPT!


Kut From The Kloth Dayna Skinny jean $78
I really liked these jeans. They were very comfortable. I loved the dark wash & fit. I also thought they were very flattering. But they were a 31" inseam. Being 5'4" this was a little too long for me. I also hope to loose weight soon & just couldn't justify keeping them with the cost. I loved the pieces I did keep & couldn't keep something I just "liked." You know?

Verdict: RETURN

I couldn't help this photo, I was in the modeling mode. ;) < (I promise to try to put on make up & shave my legs next time) Also, it gives you a better look at the dolman top color & material.


Market & Spruce Erye Jacket $88

This jacket was beautiful. I loved the lace lining. I loved the cargo, drapy, on trend fall feel. I loved how easily you can layer with it. It was the perfect weight for TX, too. But it pulled just slightly in the shoulder, upper arm area, when I moved. So, back it went. :(


A better look at the lace lining for you. Gorgeous.
And again, great for layering.

Marge Dress $88

Guys, obsessed. I love, love, love this dress. It's flattering. I love the neckline. I love the waist. I love the zipper back. It's a good weight, hiding any imperfections & extremely comfortable. Geesh, seriously, so many of the clothes I've tried on from Stitch Fix are sooooo cozy. The materials are just lush. I knew I had to keep this dress. Had to. Oh, also, did I mention, pockets!

Verdict: KEPT!!!

What do you think? Should I have sent back the jeans & jacket? I'll admit, I do have some buyers remorse....for sending those back! Haha. Do you like what I kept? Let me know! Leave your comments or questions about Stitch Fix below!

Sign Up to get your own box! Use my link! Take pity on me & support my clothes fund. ;)
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JenaCakes said...

Hi! I have a dress that looks just like this, but it has straps at the waist that tie in the back. The only reason I don't like them is they add a big bulge in the back, and it's not flattering if I wear a cardigan. Does this dress have the same? If not, I need to ask my stylist to send it! :)

Madeline Osigian said...

Cute! Love the necklace best!

If I get Christmas money for SF, I'll be sure to use your link to sign up so you get that $25!

laughwithusblog said...

Is this my link? :) Or do I need more instructions. Love your post!

themosbysinchina said...

It doesn't have a tie! You should ask for it for sure!!

themosbysinchina said...

Yes, it would be a good present!! It feels like Christmas when a box comes too! Hahha

themosbysinchina said...

Thank you!! Sent to you via email. :)

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