Texas Fall Bucket List

You guys, I think it got down to the 70's today in Austin. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! It gave me glimmers of hope. And visions of fall scarves & magical colored leaf unicorns. (Can you guess what my favorite season is?!)  Fall is probably still months away for Texas, & vastly underwhelming compared to some parts of the country, but that's not going to stop me from posting my TX Fall bucket list & getting super pummmmmmmmmped for the fall season, even if we're in Texas! So here she goes, our 2015 TX Fall Bucket List!

Texas State Fair September 25 – October 15
Pumpkin Picking at a Pumpkin Patch (like a real one, not one in a Church parking lot)

Carve our pumpkins that we got at said awesome pumpkin patch

Make some Pumpkin Butter from the pumpkins we got at.. okay, I'll stop sorry.

Make an Apple Pie

Make Pumpkin Bread from the pumpkins we got.. okay. J/k. Not funny anymore, I know.

Decorate our back porch

Wear something plaid because I'm trendy

Go Camping

Pick Persimmons & Make something Persimmony

Pick Pecans

Have a Bonfire

Roast Marshmallows

Go to a Football game (It doesn't matter what kind! College, Pro, (<ya, right! We can't afford either of those tickets) high school, Little league, whatever, as long as it's football!)

Make popcorn Balls

Find a favorite fall candle

Make hand print turkeys with Sophie

Go to a Corn Maze

Hike Enchanted Rock

Host a Soup Party Sharing our Laoshan New Spring tradition!

Maybe Wurstfest November 6-15
What am I missing? What is on your Fall Bucket List? Tell me, tell me, please!
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