Personal Weight Loss Goals

I never actually like to write about my weight loss/eating/exercising goals on the blog. Sure, I've wrote a few things before but not really. I never really write what I'm actually doing, planning or thinking about each day in that area.

Partly because, well, if you were to re read this blog closely you'd see that I've said a lot of things that I was going to do and did not do them (ya, never quite made that goal of learning how to sail last summer). The follow through thing. Ya. I guess I'm still growing as a person in that area. So, with that known quality of mine, why would I want to post about how this month I'm going to do 60 lunges a day and only do it for 2? That's embarrassing. And, honestly, I have no time for 60 lunges a day or posting about them each day. 
Current Weight minus 2. I absolutely hate this picture. 20 Pounds heavier than our wedding day 5 years ago. Feeling super vulnerable writing that out. :( 
I also don't write much about that kind of stuff on here because I don't want that to be the focus. You might be saying, "Come on! A few posts here and there will surely not become the focus." And that's true. It may not become the focus of the blog but it easily becomes the focus of my heart. I've alluded to that and wrote about that a few times.
Korea around January 2011. 7 Pounds Less. 
But here I am 20 pounds heavier than when I got married and 30 pounds heavier than 2 years ago when we did the elimination diet & then moved to Qingdao. And, I'm also two weeks in to steady healthy eating & clocking via Weight Watchers and 2 weeks in to 30 Day Shred.
So, of course, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm feeling like, hey, maybe for once I won't flake out. Maybe I can stick this thing through.
And then, I get brave, and think, I should share this! I should write about it and the putting it out there in the world for everyone to see, will help motivate me to keep going and keep me accountable!
So, that's what I'm doing. Hello Reader. Here I am. Telling you my plan.
January 2012 After our first Half Marathon (not our time!), 13 lbs ago
I am clocking Weight Watchers every day and keeping with in my points system.
Weight Watchers is good for me because it takes my focus off "calories" and turns my head towards "points." I know, logically, that these are the same things but it's deeply relieving to me and my history with eating disorders and jacked up thinking to not think about calories. Even if they are the same, they look completely different to me. Also, Weight Watchers is great because you can eat anything you want as long as it fits with in your daily points. So, sure, I can have a green tea latte every day, BUT I can't have a green tea latte at lunch and rice at dinner. I must sacrifice one 5 point item to have the other. Get it? I do and it's great for me. I feel like I have freedom yet I am still eating with in the boundaries that I need in order to not blow up like a baby elephant before I'm 30. :) 
Bachelorette Party. November 2008. 18 Pounds Less. 
The 2 weeks before last was getting back into a healthy eating mentality. It wasn't perfect but we started taking several steps to set our selves up for success. I started cutting out snacks/desserts after dinner and we stopped really going out to eat, even on the weekends. I also started cooking dinner from 4 to 4:15, right before my tutoring classes, so that at 8:00 pm when all my students cleared out of the house, we had something delicious and healthy to eat. Because let me tell you, in the past at 8:00 pm, I do NOT feel like cooking and it's too late to go shopping. We would usually order take out, pizza or make something fast and not so healthy like dumplings or make something healthy and end up not eating until 9:00 pm. Which, going to bed an hour or so later, is not a good habit.
Sorry It's Grainy! Facebook steal. Summer 2007 30 Pounds Less. I think this is my "happy weight." 
We bought a microwave for school so that we can now start bringing soups, which are great for lunches and an easy way to have a filling but low point lunch. I plan on taking one of the Weight Watchers vegetable soups & a lean protein everyday to lunch. 
Another Grainy Facebook Steal. Freshman Year 2003. 55 Pounds Less. Ultimate Goal Weight. :) 

I am planning to do a few rounds of 30 Day Shred. 
This has been on my Bucket List for ever it seems but I've never been able to stick to it. In the past 3 weeks I've done it around 9 times. Not everyday, way less than I'd like, but I've worked out 2 to 3 days each day the last few weeks, which is huge, considering I haven't worked out consecutively since my anxiety disorder appeared, ie. 2 years ago. This past week I did 30 DS 5 times. Next week I am planning on 6. I hope to persevere and do it 5 to 6 times a week. I will never do it 7 days a week like it suggests. I don't think that's good for my body and if the Lord needed a Sabbath, so do I. 
So really it's that simple Clocking Weight Watchers and staying with in my points and doing 30 Day Shred.

I hope to find new healthy recipes, cook every day or most days, start running some again (our run in Thailand made me eager to hit the pavement again, the freezing China cold stomped that out a little though!) and maybe do some yoga. But for right now, I'm not committing to those things. Just Weight Watchers and 30 Day Shred, keeping it simple after two years out of the game. 
There it is. I'm not going to write about this every day, maybe not ever again, but I will put an update on the bottom of my posts. A way for me to update you with my progress, but really to help motivate me to keep going and not have "Workouts: 0, Tracking: 0, Pounds Lost: 0" at the bottom of my post.  :)

Official Week One:
Workouts: 5, Tracking: 7, Pounds Lost: 2 Jeans: Don't fit. 


Kahleel Hamilton said...

I totally understand. My life has been about trying to lose weight. I've done it all and now I'm sticking to Paleo which has proved easy for me if you consider cutting out all dairy, carbs, grains and sugar easy. Lol.

I wish you all the best. I know the struggle and the feelings that go along with it.
Success takes time to accomplish and it will not happen overnight but eventually it will.

Rekita | Her + Nicole said...

I have struggled with my weight for long time, I go up and down. You beautiful in the first pic by the way!

- Rekita

Amanda @ Living in Another Language said...

I'm so proud of you lady! It's aways hard to get back on track, and I have YET to figure out my fitness schedule. I'm just trying to get back into eating healthy again after our two month trip!

I find it's always a great encouragement to post publicly about your goals, plans, and dreams because you're more likely to actually do them!

Emily said...

Praying for you on your weightloss journey! It can be so hard, but way to go for making it a priority! Weight Watches is a fantastic program. I had a lot of success losing 30ish pounds on it. The points totally make it easier!

By the way, I know you're not so happy with your weight, but I have to tell you that your skin is gorgeous. Honestly, I don't know how it stays that way in China. I have the hardest time here.

Emily said...
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Beka Johnson said...

Good for you for posting this. I think you are already doing a great job. Weight Watchers really is helpful to a lot of people. My Mom even works there =)

A healthy lifestyle can be hard to do. I can eat healthy but I love to eat large portions which cancels out the super healthy part! So, I'm trying to eat smaller portions and drink more water. I'm amazed at how much better I feel when I drink water.

Someone recently told me that you need to drink your normal 64oz. of water, then, for every pound you want to lose you need to drink an extra 8. I have never drank the full of amount of water in one day but I will say that hearing that really encouraged me to chug away and I feel better for it.

Alejandro Quiroz said...

Great post about your weight management program! You've really put your goals into detail! I've read that this can actually help you achieve your weight goals more, versus sticking to vague goals. Anyway, I’m sure you'll be doing wonders with this, just don't forget to eat healthy and take well deserved R&Rs every once in a while! Stay fit and healthy!

Alejandro Quiroz @ CosMed Clinic

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