Little Justin's Birthday

If you've been reading our blog for a while you'll know we have a few adopted Chinese kids and that Justin is our longest standing child. :) Adopted as in, they come over, eat our food, play, learn English and then go home where their birth parents do all the raising children hard stuff. Justin, being the longest standing child, also has the privelage of coming over whenever he wants by rapidly knocking on our door, using our internet and calling at 8 in the morning to see if Zachary wants to play. Its precious and we love it. We love having these little ones apart of our life. We especially have found such joy in helping "raise" Justin.
Gary, finally caught on camera smiling and the birthday boy, Justin. We love Justin so much. He truly does feel like a son/little brother/nephew to us and his parents have welcomed us into their family. For Justin's birthday his mom, our Chinese momma, brought a cake over & Justin and his friends celebrated his special day.
A traditional Chinese birthday cake. They love their monkeys thanks to the Monkey King.
Jenny and Justin
So happy.
Jake, Justin, Gary and Simon
After the cake, Justin was full of happiness and the crazies. He danced around the house in a wig and pink angel wings that we happen to have on hand from Halloween.
After the birthday cake at our house we went out to eat with Justin's family for more celebration and present time! Early in the week Jenny and I went to Computer City to pick out an IPad for Justin. Of course, Jenny and David (Justin's parents) bought it but they asked us to set it all up for Justin with games and English movies and books. We kept it hidden at our house and I wrapped it up nice, covering all the apples on the box. We made sure to make plenty of comments about how he liked books to try to throw him off. He first opened a goodie bag from us with lots of random goodies and then he moved on to the "book." He opened it carefully and of course was beyond thrilled to find a new Ipad! Now, he comes over a few times a week to do his "homework" and slips in 30 minutes each time to play his Ipad. Zachary has all of the account information and password so Justin can't download things freely. It's so sweet to see the way Zachary seeks to protect him and how Justin respects Zachary. When Zachary puts in the password Justin always looks away. Its amazing. It's also just so cool that Jenny and David allow us to be active influences in Justin's life. We pray often that we could be good influences in his life and above all that he could know Jesus. We are so thankful for this family. They have made living in China so much easier for us. They constantly bless us & love us as if we were there own. Happy Birthday Justin!
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