Minute to Win It

Last month, one of our favorite restaurants, The Canvas, had a Minute to Win It game night to raise money for a club foot relief charity at a local children's hospital. It was such a great night! For 100 yuan, which all went to the charity, we were provided with a buffet dinner, a drink and Minute to Win it fun!
They also handed out reindeer ears and Santa hats to help get everyone in the Christmas spirit.
Everyone registered as groups of 4 to compete in the games for 3 grand prizes. The first competition we sent Zachary to complete. He did a great job with this "pick up the ornament and hang it on a wire" game. He had to use the paper towel tube to suck up the 6 ornaments, one by one, and then carry them across the room and to hang them by the hook on a thin wire.
Sorry for the blurry/dark photos! The night was TERRIBLE for photos! I don't know why.
Mission completed!
The next competition we sent Catherine to complete. Everyone was given 3 gingerbread cookies that, when they were told to go, they had to put on their face and drop into their mouth without using their hands.
Catherine did a great job trying on this extremely difficult task!
The next competition Zachary and I worked together on. We had to use our faces to carry an ornament across the room and hang on a wire. We made it there the first time super fast, but then the hook on our ornament fell off! So we had to start over. That was lame and not our fault. But alas, it's just a game so we let it go.
Justin and Catherine completed the next challenge where Justin had to put 6 balls on a spoon, one by one, carry them across the room by with his mouth, and give it to Catherine, on her spoon. Catherine then had to take the ball and put it in a cup. They did a fantastic job and were super fast!
Joe- Him and His wife own The Canvas. They are wonderful!
Justin and Zachary did this challenge where Zachary had to verbally guide Justin, who was blindfolded, on how to hang two balls on a ruler, which was balanced on a paper towel tube, without making anything fall. The guys did wonderful! And, of course, worked out a great system!
The next game Catherine and I did together. I had to tie a Kleenex box with a hole in it around my chest and stand against a wall while Catherine tried to throw balls into the box blindfolded. We did pretty good. (but not great..haha)
The last game Zachary and I worked on together. I was blindfolded and had to use my hands to make hot chocolate for Zachary and then give it to him to drink.
This was so much fun! I LOVE these type of games/challenges/jokes. You know the ones where someone behind you applies your make up or whatever. It's hilarious.
I was dead set on us winning this one! I made Zachary basically chug the hot cocoa. And guess what? We were the fastest out of any group!
We were set on winning third place because it had the best prizes! 4 free burger meals and a bottle of nice wine! And we won!!! We made a great team!
Our friend Eric was the host and score keeper! See our team up there? We were Team #1! 23 points!
Santa and his reindeer. :) 

This is also where we had such a great time for Zachary and Justin's birthday at the Mustache Party!
We had a great time and are so thankful for restaurants like The Canvas that host fun stuff for us to do! 
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