Our Christmas in China

This is what the Christmas season has looked like around Qingdao. Ya, like a hazardous waste zone. These PM2.5 masks were a Christmas present from one of our coworkers. Hilarious. While the smog has been at an all time high, in the hazardous zones, we still had a great Christmas season. I know, I know. Christmas is over and responsible people have moved on to 2014 Resolutions and bucket lists and stuff, but for us procrastinators, with mom's and grandma's at home that are still interested in our Christmas day in January, I'm gonna still post this. I mean, it wouldn't be The Mosby's in China, if I posted things on time. Remember I posted about Halloween around Thanksgiving. Ya. So, without further ado, a little jig, aka post, about our Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Christmas Eve we spent with this handsome little one here, Justin. Zachary and I asked if Justin and his mom, Jenny wanted to go out for a Christmas Eve dinner with us. They have become like family to us and had been asking if we were doing anything special for Christmas. They attend almost every holiday and church party with us, so I know they were excited about the possibility of a Christmas party. But with no Christmas party to attend, we decided getting a nice dinner would be fun!
Unfortunately we didn't even think about the fact that Christmas Eve and Christmas is a Chinese date night. We showed up at our favorite restaurant, The Canvas, only to find there was a 45 minute wait! Say what?! It was appalling! ;) Us, the regulars at The Canvas, we're talking VIP status, were asked if we had made a reservation?! What the, what?! So we left. Because who waits for a table? It occurred to me later that we did, in fact all the time we did, in the States. It's been so long since we've been home that I forgot waiting for a table on a busy night is normal. So, we attempted to get a table at 4 other restaurants, who were also completely booked, and then settled on a small pub like restaurant with mediocre Western food. It wasn't the greatest but we still had a good time with our Chinese "fam."
Christmas morning we opened up our stocking at home. I received tons of Sephora goodies and perfume from Zachary. This Marry Me! perfume smells amazing. I love it. I don't know why I didn't start buying perfume way sooner. The real stuff actually does smell worth it! I use to think it was way to "luxurious" and my cheap-o self wouldn't buy anything but the fake $10 sprays at Ross. But, this grown up girl, is real sophisticated now, thus real perfume. And I like it. Also, please excuse my Christmas morning non-makeup, non-hair did look.
Justin and Catherine cleverly got us a Raclette Grill! We're stoked about having this! It's a fantastic party tool and great for barbecuing! The first time any of us had seen one of these babies, we were all together. This will be just another awesome thing we get to share with The Esser's.
Matching shiny Starbucks mugs from Z. Love them! 
Sephora free gift. A gold mirror with a blung out zebra keychain... which now makes a great Christmas ornament. 
Z with our baby boo. 
Sorry about Chara-girls leg spread look. We try to tell her it's un-lady like but she doesn't listen.
Family. :)
I found this little card hidden in one our extra stockings to me from our students. Adorable! They are so sweet. I had seen them sneaking around the tree a few weeks before Christmas but I played naive. I'm happy I did because it was such a sweet, nice surprise on Christmas. I love them!
Please not my beautiful chipped nail polish. Classy is my middle name. 
Zachary opened his long awaited Christmas present, an external flash for our camera. And a jump rope, of course.
Chara was a happy girl on Christmas. 
After we opened presents Justin and Catherine came over for brunch. 
Catherine made these auh-mazing scones and brought 6 different jams from South Africa. We tried all the jams and ate all the scones as a brunch appetizer! Hey! It was Christmas!
J & C brought Chara girl a Christmas present to open. Our sweet little house guest, Coco, helped Chara sniff it out and open it.
She needed a little more help! After Chara's presents we indulged in our huge brunch of steak and eggs,   breakfast potatoes, fruit salad, pancakes, fried eggs, bacon and a fantastic quiche with Zachary's home made crust. After brunch, we watched Elf, took naps and had a relaxing afternoon.
Christmas night Zachary went with a few guys to a China NBA (Aka. the CBA) basketball game and I visited with Abigail over coffee. We had such a great Christmas day! We are so thankful for all the Skype calls we had, friends over and delicious food we ate! We felt so blessed and praise the Lord for all His goodness and love. Hope you guys all had a great Christmas day, too! 
**Do these pictures all look blurry to you? They do to me! Please help! Why?! They are NOT blurry in my photo album, only when I upload them to blogger. : ( Any ideas? **
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