Lao Shan New Spring

We've been so very blessed here to have an amazing Church community in Qingdao. In Dongying, we were so hungry for Christian community. Even though we had Justin and Catherine in Dongying with us, for all 4 of us, times were often lonely. We often felt discouraged and just Spiritually dry. We really came to appreciate and see how much we needed the Body of Christ. Having true, authentic fellowship with a group of believers is inspiring, refreshing and breaths life into weary souls. At least, that's what it did for us! 
When we visited Qingdao the first time, while living in Dongying, we met a sweet friend that invited us to an International Church the next day. We went  and were immediately brought to tears by the people in the room. They were so encouraging, welcoming and had story upon story of how God was working in their and people around them, lives. We were so thankful to have that time, even if just for a Sunday, with an amazing group of people that truly loved Jesus. After that trip, God began showing us clearly that Qingdao was where He was moving us and we knew that meant we'd be apart of that group, too. Almost 2 years later, here we are, so blessed to still be apart of that group. 
Wearing her big sisters pink & purple snap bracelet she got at the Chinese Flea Market. 
Cuteness. Just precious. 
Giving his sisters a hug. 
Lao Shan New Spring peeps, we love you guys so very much. I know we don't often say it, and honestly, sometimes I forget, being so wrapped up in our own busy lives, but we are so very thankful for you. Thank you for loving us, praying for us and encouraging us each week. Thank you for your love for Jesus, that inspires us & points us to Him. 
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