Violet Turned One

This cuteness had a 1 year birthday a month or so ago. Zachary and I had the pleasure watching her grow and it's been amazing watching her become one. She's the first baby we've really got to be close to and see change & develop. We just love her!
Her birth into this world, was a difficult one. Her life, from the beginning, has been marked by miracles and by God's grace. Lola's (her Chinese name, which means Violet) umbilical chord was tied in a knot in the womb, which meant that she only received 1/3 of the food, the amount that could get through, that other babies get. The first 2 weeks or so of her life, she had to stay at a baby hospital here in China, away from her parents, so that the doctors could make sure she was taking enough food and gaining strength. That week was agony for Amber and CJ, but allowed God to build a friendship between us, that we will forever cherish. We spent a lot of that week with them praying, crying, trusting, re-trusting, speaking words of truth, worshipping, and just seeking to lean on God, and be strong for our friends who were doing what seemed like the unbearable, leaving their baby girl at the hospital, where they weren't allowed to see her. Violet miraculously pulled through and started eating well, keeping her food down and growing.  99% of children who are born under the same circumstances as Violet are born with down syndrome or similar problems, but Violet is 100% healthy. Praise be to God!
Amber and CJ are some of our closest friends now, and since Violet's birth, we've had dinner together almost every week, giving us nice spouts of time to watch, play with and admire Violet. 
Every where Violet goes, she spreads joy. She's filled with the joy of the Lord! She's just awesome, you guys! And oh so cute! I mean, look at her!! Everyone loves Violet and we were so excited to celebrate her special day!
Friends at her party!
Another baby friend, Laney
Violet has tons of Chinese aunties!
IPhone Shot
Birthday cake! 
Violet was ready to cut the cake!
She needed a little help blowing out the candles. 
She wasn't so interested in her cake! I was hoping she'd put her face in it! Those are the best 1 year birthdays, aren't they?! It's just too funny. But alas, Violet is very dainty and proper, only tasting a few bites with her finger. :)

She had a great party! The best part of her party was watching Amber and CJ share in Chinese and English the story of God's faithfulness in their lives through Violet. :)

Happy Birthday Violet! We love you!

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