Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt Update

 A few months ago I posted this fun Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt. I challenged my Readers to take the photos on the list while enjoying & being intentional with the fall season. I loved this past fall season! It was filled with so much goodness! Here's a few pictures from our fall:
leaf shaped like a heart
Found this little odd-ball, almost a leaf shaped heart leaf  in Central Park. I love it for that. 
leaves falling
These leaves, while technically not fall-ing, are fallen. Does that count? More leaves in Central Park. These were on the Harlem side in the Conservatory Gardens. 
a warm drink
Weirdly, I'm not drinking so many warm drinks these days. I'm still craving iced drinks. But I have enjoyed several morning cups of hot coffee, a pumpkin spice or 2 & an egg nog latte or 2 this season.
favorite sweater
I'm LOVING this Stitch Fix Sweater. 

Just Kidding. That's not my sweater. But I don't have a photo of it right now so cat sweater picture it is.

tall boots
Obsessed with these new fringe boots I got for my birthday from my grandparents! It's a phone photo, so not that great, but you can still see that glorious fringe! 
a fall sunset
Two fall sunsets. The first was taken while walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. The second was taken from the Belvedere Castle in Central Park. 
a fall run
a sunset on a fall run taken in front of our apartment complex 
So many pumpkins this year! I was so impressed to see America's big & plump pumpkins. ;) 
I carved little pumpkin pie pumpkins this year from the farm we went to for the corn maze. Zachary scooped out two huge ones for us but we ended up leaving them whole, without faces. 
a Halloween costume
We had so much fun this year dressing as a family.  
fall baked good
  I made a delicious pumpkin turtle cheesecake for our Soup Party this year. 

fall soup
  Lots of soups at our churches Soup Party this year. 
favorite scarf
Just got a new favorite scarf for $5 at Charming Charlies in the season's favorite color, burgundy.
But don't have a picture. 
leaf pile
  Sadly, I haven't seen any life piles this year. The trees are full of leaves still here in Texas.
 Thus, no picture.
fall veggies
These blurry veggies were found near the Brooklyn Bridge. 
fall activity
Photos in the pumpkin patch-a favorite fall activity.  
Thanksgiving meal
We had two big Thanksgiving meals this year which is routine for us when in Texas. We're blessed to have most of our family pretty close together. 
a get together
We had another Murder Mystery Party this year, which I can't wait to share with you. It was the best kind of get together! :) 
candle burning
Spooky candles from our Murder Mystery Party. 
something warm and cozy
Always warm, always cozy, always the freakin' cutest.

thankful for
All the love that went into celebrating my birthday at the Mosby's (Sr.) this year.  
trick or treat
The cutest like trick or treating Minion there ever was. ;)
I love all the celebratory moments that fill the fall season. It's this beautiful time of the year where excitement builds leading into the Christmas season. I love it. And have loved being in America for it. I love all these special moments & memories we've had with our family. I'm feeling so very thankful when I look back on it. Fitting as thanksgiving is one of the main themes of the fall season.
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