Words of Advice from our Chinese Momma

The other day I asked our sweet Chinese Momma, Jenny, to give people in America "advice" about traveling in China and asked if there was anything that she wanted American people to know about China. Her responses were so sweet and of course, her broken English, made it even sweeter. 

What do you want people in American to know about China or Chinese people? 
Chinese people are kind to all the people, I think. Most Chinese people are kind.
Chinese and Americans will be good friends. 
I think in the future, the world, will be one world. 
I want Americans to know that China has a long history and has so many wise people in its' history. 
China has many very kind people. 
Chinese people are good. --from little Justin, he couldn't resist giving his own ideas, too:)
What are some street smart things you'd like people visiting China to remember or know? 
Don't believe strange people in China. -- Justin
Protect your wallet. If you are in a mark or tourist place, watch your wallet.
Eat safe food. If you want to eat, go to a big restaurant, not a little one. 
Eat special food in every place. Like in Qingdao eat seafood, in Wei fang eat meat bread, and so on.
In China there are so many cars so you should look around when you walk. 
And there you have it. Simple and sweet. 
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jackie jade said...

aww love all of these sweet tips! definitely sounds like everyone in china is so friendly :)

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