Oh, Hello there.

Why hello. Long time no chat little bliggity blog. I'm really sorry I've been away so long little blog but you see our internet at home is bu hao, which means 'not good' in China, little blog. Also, our VPN is even more bu hao these days. Due to this fact, you're not the only one that has been neglected sweet blog. Also, my email inbox is very sad, my face book account is almost not breathing and my favorite blogs have piles of posts I have yet to read. What would life be without the internet? Well, I'll tell you little Blerg. If there was no internet, few things would change, but you, blog, would not exist, I WOULD work out 7 times in the past 9 days, so that's nice and probably completely unrelated but I thought you should know, and all other forms of productiveness would probably come to a screeching halt because I need that 21st century Wifi to get them done. 

This is just me saying, "Hello blog. I still love you and I'll try to come back real soon, and I'm sorry that this is so short, but my head is hurting, real bad. Isn't that the worst? On the day I have time to get away to Starbucks and use their internet, AND the VPN is working, my head is throbbing. So unfair little blog, so unfair. That is all blog. Talk to you soon." 
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chalayn said...

Good for you for working out so much this past week and half! It's amazing what we can do when extra distractions are taken away from us. :) Feel better, little head!

jackie jade said...

ugh that's annoying that your internet has been so crappy. that's the worst. hopefully it starts working better.

Rachel said...

Bad internet can certainly make one grumpy! Hey, do you have any tips/recommendations on the VPN/China issue? I've started researching it but haven't yet figured out what would really work and if it's worth it.

Diana DeGzz said...

ah, I hate it when the internet stops working!, then again, it's a good thing because it makes me do other things like go outside...

What part of Tx are you from? I'm from the RGV.

Diana|Life in German.

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