Santa Baby

 Keeping with the tradition of Zachary as Santa Claus, (the tradition that started last year, but whatevs, still a tradition :) ) Zachary again played Santa for our school. The kids, of course, LOVE this! They get to sing songs, Santa comes and gives them presents! This year the school really stepped up their game with the Santa outfit they provided. I mean check out that beard. It's legit.
 Grade 3 students getting settled, waiting for Santa!
 This year we have a new Chinese co-teacher at our school that lived in Oklahoma for 2 years. She came back from the States with tons of great ideas and influence at our school which has been awesome for the kids because her idea was to have each kid bring a gift for every student in their class! So this meant every kid received 30+ presents on Christmas Eve! So fun! Of course they all needed a stocking to keep all of their presents safe, so Santa and Rudolph passed out stockings to each child.
 They were so excited! We were excited, too! It really made this Christmas feel more like Christmas with the extra Christmas cheer. :) My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! 
 The Primary school English department minus Zachary who's in high school! We have SUCH a wonderful team! I am so very blessed and thankful for my coworkers. They're just wonderful.
Santa's a stud. And pretty skinny for Santa!
 My hero. ;)
 Ya. So Zachary, upon putting on the Santa suit, got a giant rip in the pants. Haha.
 After the hallway Santa festivities the kids went back to their classrooms to pass out their presents. We conveniently went to each classroom and said hello and took pictures. Convenient because we got lots of "extra" presents. :) I know, we're bad. Christmas Eve was also Laura's  (above) birthday so her class got presents and a birthday cake. What a fun birthday!
Every Grade 1 student, in addition to stockings, received a panda bear warm hat with our school motto embroidered on the back. 
Santa's ripped pants. :) 
Friday afternoon our English office was told that we needed to decorate the whole hallway for our Christmas festivities. We scrambled to put things together on Monday with the short notice but the hallway still turned out nicely festive. :) 
We had such a great Christmas Eve day! Though sometimes it's sad to be working on a holiday, we were so thankful for a fun day at school this year and didn't mind working at all! :) Hope you all had a merry Christmas! 
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Rachel said...

Aww, that's so cool and sounds like so much fun!

bashashhazbaz said...

awesome post and great christmas outfits! looks like the kids enjoyed it!

Lindsay said...

Everyone looks so happy in these photos! Sounds like it was an awesome day. <3

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